What is Amazon Alexa Echo Auto for Cars?

Saying Alex every time, on Echo speakers such as DOT, give us a glimpse of the future that how easy our lives would be… However, this experience is not only limited to homes and offices. Lately, Amazon has launched its Alexa enabled speakers for Cars known as “Echo Auto“.

Alexa enabled speakers already proved a successful product of Amazon that supports various functions from just playing a song to automate all supported smart home appliances and devices.

When Amazon first time presented a smart speaker product in front of the world, nobody had expected the product would become a hugely successful one. Because it was looking a gimmick, a speaker that responds on your commands, however, with enhancements and availability of smart products this now makes sense. Which ultimately will proliferate to the next level once 5G is available. Thus, by keeping that in the eyes, Amazon extended the reach of its Echo product to the vehicles as well.

Amazon Echo Auto

Echo Auto is the first device developed by the company to use on roads (cars). It comes will all of Alexa’s capabilities on the go.

The device features, eight microphones developed to hear user’s voices in the difficult acoustic conditions in the car. Therefore, the Alexa can even respond to the commands while the driver is playing music or air condition system is running along with other street noises.

Like other Echo devices, the Echo Auto also doesn’t use an inbuilt battery and requires an external source for power, therefore it can be powered by the vehicle’s 12V socket or USB port.

The driver can connect it to the car’s audio system via a 3.5 mm audio jack or Bluetooth.

Well, as we all know Echo devices responding commands by processing them on the cloud, thus require internet connection. However, it is not feasible to have an ethernet connection or home/public WiFi while driving, therefore, the users can use their smartphones to provide an internet connection, Echo Auto must be connected accordingly.


Now, how is Echo Auto going to beneficial in Cars?

Just like other Echo devices, we can use the Auto version to set reminders, get the latest traffic updates, playing songs, reading audible audiobooks; checking of weather, getting direction to your destination, schedule to turn ON lights, helps in shopping, controlling of smart home devices remotely, etc.

The price of Echo Auto in India is ₹ 4,999.00 and available on Amazon.in.