Divinity Original Sin 2 Graphical Novel & DLC Updates

Divinity Original Sin II is a popular game, it was initially released on Windows in 2017. Due to a good response, the game got released on PS4 and Xbox One in August 2018. In 2019 Divinity Original Sin 2 also released for Nintendo Switch and MacOS. So, almost on every platform, you can play the game, and it is quite popular on all the mentioned platforms, which ensures the game’s wide popularity. Divinity is a Role-Playing Single Player & Multiplayer game from the famous Bandai Namco Studios.

You can lay the game Solo, or even can play in a Multiplayer party with 3 more other players, which make it fun to play Multiplayer RPG. The reception and the rating of Divinity Original Sin II were quite good, as the game received 10/10 on GameSpot and 9.6/10 on IGN and a 5 Star rating on USgamer. After a long time since the release of the game, the developers decided to launch DLCs for the game, to expand the storyline even more. As the game is still in support by the devs so there is not going to be any problem related to downloading and accessing the DLCs.

What do we know about Divinity Original 2 upcoming DLC?

According to reports, the DLC is going to be free to play, so if you own the game on any platform, it is time to re-install it. Though it is very peculiar to have any new DLC after three years of the initial release, according to experts, it may be a marketing strategy for the next installment. If that is so then in near future we can expect a third installment from the franchise.

Even the game still has an in-game shop, where you can buy stuff with micro-transactions, and the system is supported by Larian Studios. Even Divinity Original Sin II is receiving some “Gift Bags” which contains exciting gifts to be redeemed, and also contains many brand new Quest Lines, missions, a new sets of equipment, new monsters, characters, and even brand new boss characters.

  • The new DLC is developed by the Anshar Studios and Fools Theory and it is set the players on new adventures, quests, and missions. In the quests, you will be looking for Four Armour Sets which are scattered over the region of Rivellon. The DLC is probably going to be called “Four Relics of Rivellon”. New Voice acting, new enemy characters, and a new boss (an Undead Dragon) is about to be introduced in the latest DLC.
  • The four relic armors are named as follows:
    • Captain Armor – Boosts Lucky Charm, Persuasion, and Bartering.
    • Vulture Armor – Provide Vulture Like Wings, Enhances Range, and Damage.
    • Contamination Armor – Magical armor with Poison immunity and Special Attack.
    • Devourer Armor – Nearly Invincible armor with increased resistance and damage.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Graphical Novel

The devs are also about to launch a graphical novel with the upcoming DLC, which is going to engage the players and fans even more in the Divinity World. In simple words what we can see that the devs are expanding the world of Divinity, by all the ways possible, which makes us more curious about any upcoming major installment of the game. The Graphical Novel is named Divinity Original Sin – Godwoken. The novel portrays the story of the Six Godwoken found in the world of Divinity Original Sin II. The six Godwokens were named Ifan, Lohse, Red Prince, Sebille, Fane, and Beast in the original game.

  • The Novel is going to be a colored 3d graphical novel.
  • It will be 300+ pages long, so yes it is going to be big.
  • Also, the novel is going to answer many questions about various unknown facts related to the main game’s story, like the actual look of Fane I living body, the life of Red Prince, facts about the Forgotten City, Journey of Ifan as the Divine’s right-hand man, various unknown facts about Sebillie, Beast and Lohse’s lives, the prior history of the ill-fated Kraken attack, etc.

Wrapping Up

Though I am not a big fan of Divinity series, in the era of PvP Multiplayer and Battle Royal games, such move related to a three-year-old game makes me curious. I am expecting the DLC to be very good and a new reborn to the series, especially for the fans. Also, the graphical novel is going to clear a path and create a demand for future games on the same franchise. So, I am curious to see is there going t be any new upcoming third installment in the game or not, and if so then I am really eager to see would that installment worth such creation of hype or not.