12 Popular Adventure Android Games on Play Store 2020

Our Google Play store is packed with a sea of games and it is up to you how far you can dive and explore. So, in this very article, I have included some of the best adventure based android games from our favorite virtual store. It is good and one of the most played categories of games no doubt. Without any further delay, allow me to start the show.

Best Android Adventure Games

Life is Strange  

Life is Strange best adventure for Android min

Square Enix Ltd has developed this 1.1GB Adventure Android game for all of you to play. It is a five episodes game overall and each and every episode has a lot of things in store for you. This game will allow you to time travel and rescue your friends and it has a lot of mysteries to unfold. It is a very beautiful narration and amazing adventure game designed for you.

One of the most astonishing things about this game is that your choices will impact the progress of gameplay, and yes, the ending will be different for different gamers based on the choices that they make during the entire game. Moreover, the graphics are also stunning and you will most probably like them and the entire environment of the game is worth praising. The in-app purchases range from 80 to 700 rupees.

Get on Life is Strange.


Swordigo Android game min

This 53MB size Android adventure game is made by Touch Foo for all of you to have a blast. Are you ready to begin an adventurous journey full of bliss and challenges? If your answer is yes, then this game is just waiting to be mauled by you. 

It provides you with the platform to live the adventurous life that you have always dreamt of, virtually though. In your way, you will come across a lot of stuff, like – monsters, mystical areas, treasure, and a lot more. You must also grab all those powerful weapons and machinery in your way and believe me all of them will help you a lot in all those deadly battles. Furthermore, the controls are simple to learn but difficult to master. You might be thinking about the in-app purchases, they range from 140 to 180 rupees.

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Critical Action: Gun Strik Ops – Shooting Game

Critical Action Gun Strik Ops Android min

Top Actions is the one behind this 58MB size game for you. The city needs you, do you have what it takes in order to save innocent people from merciless terrorists? If yes, then grab this adventure game from the play store and show the world what you have got. You are the only hope of the city to protect it from the heinous criminals, and you have over twenty deadly weapons to aid you in your battle.

You will be guided with maps and other clues so that you can target and kill all your enemies. Furthermore, the fact that it can be played offline is a big thumbs up feature. The controls seem easy but are a bit difficult to master, so you must practice hard in order to perfect yourself. The graphics are also very vibrant and you will have no issues regarding the same in most probability. Moreover, the in-app purchases range from 90 to 4500 rupees.

Download Critical Action

Roblox Action game

This 94 MB size game is brought to you by Roblox Corporation. The beauty of this Android game lies in the fact that you can play it the way you want. Yes, you heard me right, you can play, develop, and transform into anything of your choice. Once you enter this virtual world, you will find that there are already tons of virtual worlds created by geek gamers who are a proud part of this game.

You can play deadly adventurous games, or you can also go head to head against all your enemies, or simply you can also chat with all your random friends here. You can do a lot of things more than just gaming here. Furthermore, you can customize yourself the way you want and you will be very happy with the results, and also it offers you the common platform to challenge and play against many players on various platforms. When it comes to in-app purchases, they range from 30 to 13000 rupees.

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Stormfall: Saga of Survival

stormfall SAGA OF SURVIVAL min

Plarium Global Ltd is the designer of this 60 MB size game. You must hunt before you are hunted, in simple words, it is the battle of survival, an awesome adventure game is here for you. In this very game, you have been betrayed and backstabbed and forced to live in exile. Yes, you will get the chance to take revenge against all the wrongdoers, but before that, you must learn how to survive in exile.

As, in exile, you will have to move from one place to another, like – mountains, forests, snow-laden peaks, and a lot more. You will have to survive without food, make weapons using all that you have got, hunt wild animals for food, and even for the fact that they might kill you if you do not. So, if you have the skills, determination, and a never-ending will to survive the exile, then you will get the golden opportunity to go head to head against all those traitors who are responsible for your very present situation, and then you must eliminate them. Moreover, the in-app purchases range from 70 to 6600 rupees.

Download Stromfall

PK XD – Explore the Universe and Play with friends  

PK XD Explore the Universe min

This 117 MB size game is from PlayKids Inc for all of you to play. It is rather a virtual world of tons of minigames that will challenge you in each and every step of your journey. Once you start this game, you will join lakhs of gamers of this adventure crazy virtual space. If you are also an animal lover, then this game is a complete bliss for you all, as you will get the chance to adopt and take care of the pet of your choice, and even spend time with it and watch it grow from baby to adult, what can be better than it?

Nothing, most probably. Furthermore, you customize your character to a large extent, and you can be anything that you wish to be. You can become a dragon, a monster, a witch, etc. Moreover, it also offers you with many more liberties and options, like – you can challenge all your friends too numerous mini-games in it, and also chat with all of them. The in-app purchases range from 80 to 1150 rupees.

Download PK XD

Extreme Balance 3 adventure game 

Enteriosoft has created this 60 MB size game for you to have a moment of fun. This game is not only for entertainment, rather it will test your mental ability and patience to a large extent. You will have the duty to balance a ball over a bridge made of wood and reach your aim, that is a boat.

It might seem simple at first sight, but it is not, the first challenge that you have got is to balance the ball, and the second one is the fact that you will have to face and overcome a lot of hurdles until you reach the target. You must make sure that your ball remains on the bridge and does not fall down into the water, as it will be a game over for you then. Your bank balance will be lowered by around 150 rupees if you wish to purchase those in-app purchases.

Download Extreme Balance

Street Chaser for Android

This 91 MB size game is made by iGold Technologies for you all to play. It is one of the most played robber running adventure games available on android. In this game, your friend was robbed by a group of thieves, so it is your responsibility now to catch those robbers and get the belongings of your friend back. You must avoid all the hurdles and obstacles that will come in your way in order to reach your target successfully.

Meantime, you can also attack those notorious geeks by bottles, stones, etc. You will be chasing a gang of approx ten robbers, and one-man army you are after all. You can choose your character from many of the available options. It comes back with many missions and a lot of game types. In between, you will also get a lot of power-ups and other boosts to help you in reaching your target early. Furthermore, the graphics are cool and you will definitely have no complaints regarding the same. The in-app purchases will make you poor by 10 to 1750 rupees.

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Criminal Case 

Investigate hundreds of Ccrime scenes on Android min

Pretty Simple is the developer of this 63 MB size mysterious Android game. It is one of the most played and downloaded criminal investigation adventure games out there. This game revolves around an unsolved mysterious murder mystery and you have the task of helping the Grimsborough police in every way possible to solve it. You must possess a lot of creative and detective skills to unfold this mystery and bring the truth in front of the world.

It is now your task to put the killers in the place they deserve to be, so leave no stone untouched and give your best. You will get the opportunity to investigate the city and the crime scene, you should consider each and every small and big clue and then use your brain as every clue takes you one step further to your goal. Furthermore, you can also interrogate all the witnesses and suspects in the way you want. You might be thinking about the in-app purchases, they range from 80 to 8000 rupees.

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Ninja warrior: legend of adventure games

Ninja warrior best android adventure game min

This 40 MB size Android Action game is created by TOH Games for you to enjoy. It gives you the platform to step into the shoes of a furious Ninja warrior and then showcase the skills that you have always dreamt of. But here, you will be fighting and destroying your enemies for a noble cause and that very cause involves – rescuing hostages, saving innocent lives by eliminating all the criminals involved in the same. The graphics are superb and you will be amazed by them in all possibilities.

The controls are easy to learn but you must practice very hard just like a real Ninja in order to master them and win all those ferocious fights. The background, scenery, environment, sound effects, etc all add more feathers to its beauty. It comes packed with over forty-five levels and includes three maps. Moreover, frequent updates will always be there for you, and all these are sure to keep you glued to it. 80 to 800 rupees is the range of in-app purchases.

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LONEWOLF – a Sniper Story

LONEWOLF Android game min

This 67 MB game is made by FDG Entertainment GmbH and Co KG. This is one of the best narrative adventure story type games out there for you. You are playing the role of a lunatic murderer in it, who is on a mysterious secret mission which no one has any idea of. You become the part of a criminal organization and then things unfold in front of you and even you yourself will be astonished by this creative storyline. You might even experience an adrenaline rush while playing this thriller.

You will be supplied with a lot of killing weapons and machinery for getting the job done. Furthermore, you become part of over five hours of story mode as soon as you step into it. Over thirty missions are waiting to be explored by you. Moreover, the graphics are indeed very good and you will enjoy it. Last but not least, the in-app purchases range from 60 to 370 rupees in it.

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Jumanji- Epic Run

Jumanju Epic Run game for Android phone min

Crazy Labs by Tsb Tale has designed this crazy 161 MB size game for you all to try. This game is inspired by the blockbuster movie “JUMANJI” and you will get the chance to relive your favorite movie and take part in this adventurous journey to grab the Falcon Jewel. In this very game, you have the liberty and golden opportunity to step into the shoes of your favorite character from the movie and then head on the journey to get back the sacred Falcon jewel back and place it at the right place back.

In your journey, you will have to face many deadly creatures and super beasts who want to tear you apart at any cost possible. You will be thrilled at each and every second of your gameplay and the last battle is going to give you goosebumps and once you overcome all the odds, defeat the evil forces, you can proudly and loudly say the word “JUMANJI” and then witness everything get back to normal. When it comes to the in-app purchases, they are of the range 230 to 7700 rupees.

Download Jumanji 

Thus, these are the twelve most popular and crazy adventure-based games in the android world. If you are an adventure gamer, then this is going to be a treat for you, but even if you are not, then also you must give them a try, and believe me, you will not be disappointed by them. I hope as of now you might be heading to our virtual store to grab your favorite game and then let the adventure begin.