What is AI processors? First time introduced by Huawei, publicly.(Brief)

Good news for the tech enthusiastic, AI processors are a reality now. The smartphones are even smarter than before. With this new technology, the smartphones now are able to take some decision just like humans. This technology, very first time launched by Huawei and the name of first AI processor is Huawei Kirin 970 AI processor. Huawei mate 10 is the first mobile phone that used this processor.

AI processors have a processing unit called neural processing unit(npu) and it’s able to perform a lot of neural processing. The power consumption is less and it’s able to do cognitive tasks like prediction and classification, more like the way the human mind works.

In previous AI technology most of the AI processing used to take place in the cloud but with new AI processors all processing is going to happen in the mobile phone’s AI processor unit; in this way more can be done in mobile phone and in a lesser amount of time. In previous AI technology the GPU unit used to do most of the AI processing but with new AI processors it has become swifter and the best thing is that we don’t need the internet connectivity.

What is AI processors first time launched by huawei

All the AI processing is being done by the NPU. Now tasks like prediction, detection, and classification can be handled more efficiently with new AI processors.

After Huawei, the Apple and Qualcomm have also made mobile chipsets that are designed to improve machine-learning task. Apple used this technology in the bionic a11 chipset and Qualcomm in Snapdragon 845. The specific machine learning algorithm in bionic A11 is handled by 2-cores in the bionic a11 chipset. And more privacy and security can also be achieved with this technology. This processor technology is able to do things like face recognition with lots of efficiencies because it uses the CoreML library, which is a foundational machine learning framework used across Apple products to run machine learning models locally on the device.

This is the advanced technology of current era and companies like Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi are also working on it to make it even more advanced. In coming years, the consumers will surely get something more with this technology that makes life easier and better.