What is Powerline Ethernet Adapter? How do they work?

If you are reading this article, you must be connected to the internet. But how! Most people connect to the internet using Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. Ethernet is not used by most of the home users nowadays. At least if they are not using a desktop. Yes, people want to make their life free from wires. At least as far as practicable. But are Wi-Fi networks that good! Yes, they are. They provide Internet connection wirelessly! Apparently, there is nothing anything bad about it.

But I bet, there must be some corner of your house, where the Wi-Fi signals are not that solid. If you have multiple floors the problem becomes more intense. But Ethernet networks are not like that. Just connect it and forget it. You will not face connectivity issues in any corners of the house, as long as you have a long Ethernet cable.

Ethernet cabling through the walls of a room can be a solution. But that isn’t feasible or flexible. A small change in location of your devices can mess up the complete thing. So, that isn’t a good solution either.

But, purchasing an Ethernet cable which passes across rooms, is not that feasible. So what’s the solution! Powerline Ethernet Adapters are the solution. Yes, with the help of such adapters, you can access the internet, as long as you have an electrical wiring in your house. I am sure you have that. After all, it is the 21st century.

Powerline Ethernet adapters! What are they?

Powerline Ethernet Adapters are available in pairs and can transmit data signals through a conventional electrical wiring. Just plug one end of the Ethernet cable to the router, and the other to one of the Powerline Adapters. After that, connect the other adapter to a wall socket in a different room. Now connect the Ethernet cable to that adapter and the other end to your computer or laptop. You can now access the internet seamlessly.

What is Powerline Ethernet Adapters How do they work.

Powerline Ethernet Adapter Working architecture

What actually happens is that the data is sent with a different frequency through your electrical wiring. Electricity in India is transmitted at a frequency of 50 Hertz. The Powerline Ethernet Adapters choose an even higher frequency to transmit data packets through the network. Typically the frequency for sending signals is above 60 Hertz, as electricity transmission in a few countries is set to 60 Hertz.

Powerline Ethernet Adapters are indeed great. You don’t need a very large Ethernet cable. Even longer Ethernet cables can sometimes affect the speed of the network. There aren’t any such issues with the Powerline Ethernet Adapters.

How to use them

Powerline Ethernet Adapters working is simple. Just plug them directly into a wall socket. Yes directly. Don’t put it into the wall socket through a UPS or a surge protector. As most of them come with filters. They might trim out the data signals as they are different from the 50 Hertz frequency, used for electricity transmission. Thus, the data signals are ripped off, considering them to be noises.

Most Powerline Ethernet Adapters nowadays come with additional sockets. This will help you if you are having limited wall sockets in your house. With those adapters, you can access both the data and draw electricity from the same power outlet.

There are even some adapters, those come with Wi-Fi functionality. The Wi-Fi functionality will be accessible on the other end. It can be helpful if you want to access the internet with any handheld devices like smartphones, or simply do not want to mess up your life more, with Ethernet cables.

Ethernet cables just use your electrical wiring for sending signals. You will not have to worry about disconnections due to power cuts. That’s yet another positive side of using Powerline Ethernet Adapters.

Hope the small information on Powerline Ethernet Adapters was something new to you. Have questions? Please let me know in the comment section down below.


2 thoughts on “What is Powerline Ethernet Adapter? How do they work?”

  1. Hi thanks for the power line internet adapter info
    I have a question
    Our house has two consumer units , one for the original house to which the router is connected & another for the extension to enable building regulations to be subject to the new extension.
    The other powerline adapter would be positioned in the garden room fed by an armoured cable from the second consumer unit.
    Would the adapters work with this type of circuit split ?

    • No, it works fine only as long as it is on the same circuit under the same CU/power circuit, otherwise, the performance of the powerline adapters will be affected.


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