Stingray PS1100R NIC-100 GB storage adapter NIC released by Broadcom

The Stingray PS1100R NIC released by Broadcom which is a 10o Gigabit network adapter enabling fast development and delivery of storage services and Ethernet fabric-attached Flash solutions. In the core, BCM58804H processor integrates along with eight Cortex-A72 cores to support and dual-channel DDR4- 2400 ECC memory.

Stingray 100GbE Adapter for Storage Disaggregation over RDMA and TCP

Although the Stingray PS1100R is a network adapter (a network adapter in the Broadcom product category), it is meant to connect ultra-high-performance NVMe storage systems with a performance of 3 million IOPS per second. To achieve such high performance, the Stingray PS1100R NIC is used SoC processor and other chips are also very high-end, the core is BCM58804H processor, TSMC 16nm FF+ process production, integrated eight Cortex-A72 processor cores, 16MB L2 and L3 cache, frequency 3.0GHz, support dual 64bit channel DDR4- 2400 memory, support ECC check, capacity 8GB, in addition to integrated 100Gbe network engine, support RAID 5, RAID 6.

Ethernet Fabric-Attached Storage Topology using Stingray PS1100R
Ethernet Fabric-Attached Storage Topology using Stingray PS1100R

Interface, the Broadcom Stingray PS1100R supports PCIe 3.0 x16 channel and is equipped with a 100Gbe QSFP28 output interface.

On the software side, Broadcom provides comprehensive development kit support for the Stingray PS1100R, providing a complete Linux distribution, and an open programming structure for easy porting of applications.

Stingray PS1100R NIC released by Broadcom digram

As for the price, this product is mainly used in storage systems such as NVMe-oF and NVMe-oTCP.


  • Low-power, high-density 100 Gb/s fabric storage adapter
  • PCIe form factor
  • Stingray BCM58804H SoC with eight 3.0 GHz 64-bit ARMv8 Cortex-A72 cores and integrated NetXtreme E-Series 100GbE Network Interface Controller
  • 16 lanes of PCIe Gen3 with flexible Root Complex controller assignment
  • Two channels of DDR4-2400, 72-bit with ECC
  • Sideband ports (1GbE and NC-SI) for management access
  • 100 Gb/s cryptographic engine with single-pass hashing and encryption
  • RAID 5 XOR and RAID 6 P+Q Galois/Erasure support

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  1. The description in the paragraph incorrectly states that the Stingray A72 is 4 cores. The bullet list correctly says 8 cores.


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