6 Free Social Media Icons Plugin for WordPress

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In this article, we will try to cover the best free social media icons plugins available for WordPress. Social media integration does not mean placing a sharing social icons or buttons on the site. There are lots of other aspects that you have to look before placing share buttons such as where you are using them, the quality of Social media sharing plugin and also keep one thing in mind that plugin should not affect the overall website loading speed.

Social media is very important and great source of traffic for the website. There are a number of free social media plugins are available  for WordPress which allow you to make your website social media friendly without investing any money. Beautiful, animated and responsive sharing icons can engage your visitors to your post a little bit more than the dull ones.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon are the most popular social media platforms. But there are many other social media sites where you can share you content to increase your traffic. We have tried to list the social media sharing plugins which provide a best presentation and support to almost all social media networks.


Social Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Media)

social Media and share Icons

This is a really awesome plugin which provides beautiful and full customizable social icons to your website. This Social Media plugin adds social media icons for RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, “Share”. The “Share” option covers all others present social media platforms. It also comes with preloaded 16 different social media icons designs to fulfill your website social needs. You can upload your custom icon of your choice for your social media platform. This plugin also allows doing several actions from one social media icon. For example, A facebook social media icon lead a visitor to your facebook as well as allow them to like the facebook page.


Social Media and Share Icons Features

  • 16 different Social media icons design
  • One social media can do several multiple things
  • Different social media icons animation  to engage your visitors.
  • Provides floating and sticky social media icons
  • Icon to subscribe your blog by Email.
  • Show counts  to your social media icons
  • Pop-up display asking people to follow  or share the website via social media icons.
  • Sharing buttons at the end of every post.
  • Customize the icons according to your need and much more.

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Super Socializer social media icons

Super Socializer social media icons

The Super Socializer is another great social media icons plugin which allow people follow and share your post almost in every social media platform. You can use Super Socializer social sharing icons in many ways such as above & below the post, floating bar at left or right side of the website and in the widget areas.

sharing is sexy social icons

Super Socializer Features

  • Supports almost all the available social media platforms
  • Two types of sharing icons design- Square and Round
  • Horizontal and Vertical (floating) layout for sharing
  • Mobile responsive sharing interface
  • Enable/Disable vertical/floating sharing interface on mobile device
  • Enable Social Login at WooCommerce checkout page and customer login form. Also, share WooCommerce products on social media platforms and much more.

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AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny share

As the name suggest, this plugin provides you Share buttons and follow icons for each & every available social media platform. This means you can share your posts and pages to any services such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit and more.

add-to-any social icons

Share Buttons & Follow Buttons Features

  • Vertical & horizontal floating share buttons and counters
  • Vector share & follow buttons
  • Universal Share Button and Smart Menu
  • Individual share links and custom share icons
  • Google Analytics integration for sharing analytics
  • 3rd party buttons and much more.

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StudioPress Simple Social Icons Plugin

studiopress social media icons

This Social Icons Plugin provides by studio press for free of cost. Simple social Icons is very easy and simple as its name suggest. It provides beautiful social icons in your widgets and posts. You can easily customize the color and size of your icons. It can be used anywhere in the widget areas and also above & below the post and pages. The plugin is very lightweight and it supports almost all important social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest  Google plus and more.

 simple-social icons


Simple Social Icons Plugin Features

  • Social icons can be inserted into any widget area
  • Allow the Customization of social icons
  • Lightweight

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Jetpack Sharing

Jetpack sharing module

Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that provides you tons of features. Jetpack sharing is one of the features that comes with Jetpack plugin. Jetpack sharing feature simply adds social media sharing buttons to your blog with all major social media platform. This plugin also offers one other feature called publicize that will share your content automatically on social media platforms.

jetpack-publicize jetpack icon

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DC Simple Share Buttons

DC Simple social media share

If you want simple, light and very straight forward sharing plugin then DC Simple Share is for you. It offers you a set of very simple social sharing buttons that loads pretty fast and don’t need any javascript or images. The sharing button of this plugin does not depend on any external source to load in the browser. It is written in PHP, HTML, and CSS.

DC simple social icons

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Bottom line: If you already using Jetpack plugin then I don’t think you need any other social media sharing plugin. But, if your want much colorful and animated plugin with sharing counter score then you can go for the above-mentioned plugin as per your requirement without investing any money.



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