10 Best Endless Runner Games for Android in 2019

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Android is an easily accessible device nowadays and that’s why the Google play store has a vast database of apps in multiple categories. The Endless runner games or Auto runner games category is one of them. Games those fall under this usually have one character that runs and runs forever for example famous Subway surfer and Temple Run both are awesome endless runner games.

In Endless runner game, the user has to make the highest score and auto-runner games have the same thing for users but with some sought of levels.  However, both the games are incredibly easy to play and impose a minimalistic control approach, means basic controls like one finger touch and gravitation sensor usage only.

Apart from Subway surfer and Temple Run, here are some other best endless runner games for Android

  • Alto’s Adventure
  • Run or Die – Fun Retro Running Game
  • Glitch Dash
  • Hello Yogurt
  • Snail Ride
  • Alto’s Odyssey
  • Sonic Dash 1 & 2: Sonic Boom
  • Jetpack Joyride
  • Lara Croft: Relic Run
  • Super Mario Run

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure
Like the movies Narnia and Hobbit, the Alto’s Adventure also takes you through some adventures land scenes while endlessly running on snow and mountains. It has beautiful alpine hills, wilderness, villages woodlands and abandoned ruins those we gamers have to cross.

The mission is to save llamas, safely grind rooftops and much more. It features snowboarding, lighting and weather effects, 180 goals to achieve, six unique snowboarders, audio for an ambient and immersive experience.

Price: Free
Download: Android 

Run or Die – Fun Retro Running Game

If you love 90’s retro games like old classic video game Contra then for sure the Run or Die is also for you… It is a steady but fast Endless Runner game running around the hazardous city. Here the user needs to save itself from obstacles with the help of 5 different abilities.

It features customizable controls, 3 Playable Characters, over 170 handcrafted maps, Day & Night Cycle, Training Mode, Challenge Mode, A quick restart button, No Internet connection required to play and more…

Price: Free
Download: Android

Glitch Dash

Would you like check the activeness or presence of your mind then you must try the Glicthc Dash once. It gives you goosebump with its quick movement of hammers, lasers and axes in an endless running environment of geometrically designed obstacles. Glitch Dash is dodge and hard.

This runner game features hard-core gameplay, abstract and funky graphics, Epic music, tiled paths, colourful valleys and sandy dune.

Price: Free
Download: Android

Hello Yogurt

Hello Yogurt is a runner game with a jumping theme. In which gut bacteria and other body parts animated in a wonderful way with decent background graphics. The concept of the game, a Lactobacillus bacteria has sent in the human intestine to become a super lactobacillus to heal the human body from disease. So, to survive the harsh environment of the body, the user needs to jump & run and until it reaches the intestine of the body safely.

It features a variety of stages,  and more than 20 lactobacillus characters plus a colourful ground to enhance the gaming experience!

Price: Free
Download: Android

Snail Ride

One thing which I want to say personally about the Snail ride runner game is the eye soothing graphics which are really wonderful. Also, the running theme of the game is unique not like the conventional games. So, as the name of the game, we need to run or shall I say crawl fastly as snail side-to-side of the twisting stem of the vines without getting hit by the thrones and angry ladybugs. The mission of the game is to collect the dew drops.

It features One-Touch control, pristine atmosphere & colourful graphics, 40 snails characters and dozens of missions.

Price: Free
Download: Android

Alto’s Odyssey

This another Alto’s game which really thrills you with its windswept dunes and canyons. Here we need to explore hidden temples but wait a sec before that cross the vines, bounce atop hot air balloons, ride towering rock walls, and escape other mysterious places.

It features 180 goals, intuitive controls; dunes, canyons, temples, and other diverse landscape;  dynamic lighting and weather effects like sandstorms and shooting stars; serene soundtrack and more…

Price: Free
Download: Android

Sonic Dash 1 & 2: Sonic Boom

Wonderful 3D graphics and runner game. The Sonic endless runner features a character of popular Cartoon series character Sonic Boom.

The concept of the game is simple to run as much as you can and collect the gold rings while dodging from obstacles and enemies. It features three characters, team play mode, fast-paced tracks, good graphics and more…

Price: Free
Download: Sonic 1 and Sonic 2

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a 2D game with bullets powered jetpacks. The game has developed the same developers those did Fruit Ninja. The objective of the game to fly and save your self from the obstacles. At the same time collect the coins to increase the power of your Jetpack.

It features different jetpacks & outfits, cool missions, Dodge laser, zapper and missiles, simple one-touch control, high tech gadgets environment and more…

Price: Free
Download: Android

Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft developed by Square Enix couldn’t be missed when we talk about running and jumping games. In this game besides running, swim and drive are also a part of the adventure offered by it.  The game walkthrough through the jungle, the desert or the mountains, each filled with secrets and danger.

It features Lara’s signature parkour moves, epic Boss Fights, campaign map to collect relics and uncover the Relic Run mystery; classic Lara outfits and more…

Price: Free
Download: Android

Super Mario Run

Perhaps there would not be anyone who doesn’t acquaint with Super Mario game. Yes, the classic game is now on a smartphone with some seasoning. The new rich graphical surroundings but with same gaming pattern and endless running environment.

It features plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships, castles; 24 exciting levels; 3 different types of coloured coins, stylish moves, challenge mode, buildings and decorations and more…

Price: Free
Download: Android

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