PUBG Lite vs PUBG PC: Why do I choose PUBG Lite?

PUBG PC Lite Season 1 is about to launch || Review of PUBG Lite & PUBG Mobile Lite

Player Unknowns Battleground or in short PUBG has become a world phenomenon between the PC-gamers and Battle Royal lovers by the end of 2017 already. But, with the launch of PUBG Mobile in February 2018, it has become the biggest gaming event around the whole world across all the continents. One can say simply that PUBG has defined the way how a battle royal game should be, also PUBG engaged millions of players within the multiplayer gaming experience for the first time.

According to experts, PUBG not only brought millions of new players to the limelight also changed the ecosystem of gaming around the world especially the gaming ecosystem of Asia. Thousands of professional player, hundreds of professional teams emerged from different parts of Asia. In southern Asia, especially in India PUBG created a whole new market for viewers and audiences for PUBG Mobile live streams. Because of which many Live streams came to the limelight and coined the situation, and even the southern Asia gaming streams become a great media for digital marketing as well.

Along with the ever-increasing no of players, the number of professional competitions is also increasing, and many brands and private companies are also getting interested in this sector nowadays. The competition like PMSC, PMCO etc. are creating a new industry around the Asia continent and Indian subcontinent.

Why do I choose PUBG Lite – System Requirements

Why it is launched?

As of the developers discover the huge emerging gaming market of Southern Asia and the Indian subcontinent, they did their research to crack the market to its root level, and while researching they found that many players around this area of the world are lying with there old PC components or entry-level gaming pc only. Which makes it troublesome for the players to play the PUBG pc on their devices.

Apart from the PUBG pc is a commercial game costs around 140 dollars in India, which is pretty expensive for most of the players, as most players are in this vicinity are habituated with Free games only. To crackdown that sleeping market, the PUBG Corporation decided to launch a free version of the original PC game, which is extremely optimized to run smoothly even on a 5-6-year-old or low-end pc.

The result was also as deemed, the huge amount of player who used to play PUBG Mobile on Tencent Buddy Emulator, come to the PUBG PC Lite server for the original PC gaming experience. If you are still thinking you should try the PUBG PC Lite or not, just go for it, as it is free and you will have the same gameplay experience like PUBG pc from Steam server. Unlike PUBG Mobile Emulator version, PUBG Lite features the actual gameplay style and all the aesthetics of PUBG pc (steam) itself, which makes it a dream come true for many players.

Why go for PUBG Lite instead of PUBG Mobile Emulator?

Here are the reasons because of which you should stop playing PUBG Mobile Emulator switch to PUBG Lite as soon as possible:

PUBG Mobile Emulator is the PUBG Mobile itself which is optimized for a good performance in mobile devices only, with lots of necessary gameplay and aesthetics modification. Which makes it a good match for a mobile player but a very poor match for a pc player. While you are playing PUBG Mobile through an emulator, no matter what the developers (Tencent Corporation) say the truth is you do face a lot of mobile player along with many Emulator players, which makes it an unfair match for the mobile players.

You believe me or not I used to play PUBG Mobile emulator with my friends and we have encountered a countless number of mobile players against us while all my squad mates were playing through pc emulator. If you believe the YouTube’s PUBG Mobile live-streamers who spread a fake story about a fair matchmaking policy on the same server for the emulator players, then you are living in a dream as they so to make people believe so that they can get famous as streamers by playing a mobile game through the pc (which is an easy way to perform immensely better in the game).

PUBG Mobile emulator is tuned good but for the mobile, so while you play the game on pc, the huge amount of performance lag can be seen. First, no matter how good your pc is you will not get more than 60fps frame rate, and secondly the huge amount of rendering problems can be seen.

So, for better performance, you should choose PUBG Lite (pc), as it will give you a dramatic performance boost even with much better graphics. You will have at least 70-75 fps maybe more depending upon your system and the awesome graphics of PUBG PC with real gameplay aesthetics of PUBG pc. Most importantly you will face the real pc players throughout the game.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite for Android and PUBG Lite for Windows 10/8/7 PC.

Why switch from PUBG PC to PUBG Lite?

You may be one of those few players like me who are habituated with PUBG pc even before the PUBG Mobile existed, and you must have a strong argument why should we switch to PUBG Lite, here are the reasons;

PUBG pc (steam) may be a little better in graphics quality than the PUBG Lite, but the thing is PUBG pc (steam) uses much more juice out of your pc to perform in that level. To have a continuous performance at that level in near future you may need to upgrade your GPU, to keep your CPU cool with that k=level of output you need to add liquid cooling system etc. In short hardware-oriented expenditures are going to continue as the PUBG pc keeps updating every month. While PUBG Lite is optimized enough, you do not need to spend more on your hardware regularly.

You may have an entry-level gaming pc (which is the most common case), which runs the PUBG PC (steam) well, but you just can not tune the graphics settings to ultra as the game starts lagging and the frame rate also drops. On the other hand with a moderate pc, you may be able to play the game in medium graphics settings with 55-60 fps frame rate (my case), but as it is a real-time competitive game, having higher FPS does prove the player a considerable advantage over other players.

If your pc is giving you anywhere between 30-60 FPS in PUBG PC (steam), then that same pc will give you 75-120 FPS with PUBG Lite, with a decent graphics and the same intense gameplay with the same aesthetics. So, in short for better performance and better frame rate (FPS) you should jump to PUBG Lite now.

If you are from Asia region or the Indian subcontinent, then you might be getting around 60-90ms ping depending upon your distance from the server, while in PUBG Lite you are going to get around 10-40ms ping from the same location.

We all know that having the lowest ping possible gives the edge over other players, also the performance of the game reaches its peak at the lowest possible ping only. Further, to take a nice head-shot or to retaliate in real-time, the lowest ping-count going to help you like no one else. So, for better network performance and a good ping you should choose PUBG Lite.

At last of course, the players who did not want to spend bucks on a video game, but wanted to taste the stream they also can join for free.

Also, the players who do not have either a hi-fi pc or a good enough mobile to play PUBG on it can now play the PUBG Lite in their low-end pc, as it runs on a very little hardware.


System Requirements

The system requirements of PUBG Lite for PC are:

CPU: Intel Core i3 or Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom X3 or AMD Athlon X2


RAM: 4 GB (DDR2 / DDR3 / DDR4)

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, 64-bit only

VIDEO CARD (GPU): Intel HD Graphics 4000 or Nvidia 600 series or AMD Radeon R5 series

Video Memory (VRAM): 512 MB

Pixel Shader: 3.0;Vertex Shader: 3.0 & DirectX 9.0 support

HDD Space: 4 GB

Why choose PUBG Mobile Lite from PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Lite is made for the people with a very low-end smartphone, like a smartphone with 1GB RAM and all, but you can switch to PUBG Mobile Lite if your device is underperforming with original PUBG Mobile or just getting hotter with small-time gameplay. A better performance (frame rate in FPS) and a good ping (ms) are the two most necessary things for an online competitive game, for which you can switch to PUBG Mobile Lite for sure unless you want to buy a new high-end smartphone just to play PUBG on it.

Latest news

PUBG Lite has been launched in Preseason Beta Level on the first weak for July 2019 and now the PUBG Lite Royal Pass Beta Test period is going on. You can join now as the PUBG Lite season 1 is about to begin and the scheduled date is 8th Aug 2019. To become a pro player in the game you should join as soon as possible and also if you join before the season 1 launch you will have a pre-season practice which will be beneficiary for you in live season rank push and also you will get many rewards and gifts from the game store itself for free.

PUBG Lite (pc) Pros & Cons:


  • A very good graphics with a very good optimization
  • The same gameplay and same aesthetics are present as PUBG PC (steam).
  • A very good ping count.
  • Very good performance even in ultra settings.


  • As the game is still at pre-season there is less number of real players available, so you will end up, matching against lots of bots (not as dumb as the PUBG Mobile bots).
  • After playing the games for several hours, I noticed there is a very clear glitch in the Sound Effects, as the nearby enemy footsteps can not be heard till date, the sound of enemy reloading guns or the sound of someone crouching can not be heard clearly and also the sound of passing by car or the sound of suppressed guns from far away are not clear enough and crisp enough as it should be.

PUBG Mobile Lite Pros:

  • Optimized graphics but negligible down-gradation in looks.
  • The sound system is also as good as the PUBG Mobile.
  • Runs on old and low-end phones, consume less battery, makes the devices mildly hot.

PUBG Mobile Lite Cons:

  • Features 60 players match instead of 100 players match.
  • Features the Orange Map only, no Miramar, No Sanhok, No Vikendi.
  • Does not features the famous Arcade Modes of PUBG Mobile.
  • Features only a 10-minute quick match instead of 30 mins classic match.

Wrapping up

The PUBG Lite (pc) and PUBG Mobile Lite are going get a huge fan base for sure, and definitely, serve the purpose for which these games are developed. Now according to the given points from my point of view, it is your turn to decide whether you are going to be part of the change or not. Also, you have to decide whether you want the best performance with your favourite gaming titles with the same hardware or not, as if PUBG becomes successful with their Lite version campaigns, then the other major titles like FortNite or APEX legends also going to follow the tradition in near future.

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