Top 10 casual and offline Android games that you should obviously try out

On the Google Play Store for Android, you can find a number of casual and puzzle offline games, not all of them deserve your attention, so here the best ones.

If you are sitting somewhere feeling bored or is waiting at the airport or a railway station,  killing time can be a real challenge in such situations. But as long as you are having the smartphone in your pocket, you can either surf the web, chat with your friends to kill time. But just in case you are at location, where the internet connectivity is not very satisfactory,  and you can’t find any single way to kill time, you can always play some offline games on your smartphone, to kill time and entertain yourself at the same time. Smartphone gaming can really be fun.

10 Best casual and offline games for Android

When it comes to games on smartphones at least on Android, you can find a number of cool games that you can play, in order to kill time, without wasting a lot of your data.  I am not talking about the high-end games like PUBG or high-FPS games that will take a toll on your battery. I am talking about small casual and puzzle games which will not require an internet connection, and you can even play them at will. On the Google Play Store for Android, you can find a number of casual and puzzle games, and not all the games deserve your attention. So, I will talk about the top casual and puzzle games that you can play on your Android.

Note: The Games given below are arranged randomly and their order in this article doesn’t reflect their rankings at all.

Lode Runner 1

If you are fond of playing arcade games, and miss those old school games like Prince and Mario, Lode Runner 1 is for you. The casual offline game is all about climbing stairs, jumping across obstacles to keep yourself safe from the beasts and collect gold to run away as quickly as you can before the beasts take on you. The game comes with easy and intuitive mobile controls, making the gameplay fun for you. There are multiple levels, and to play any subsequent levels, you will have to complete the previous levels first, which will eventually engage you for a lot of time.


Even though the game might seem to be simple for many users, but it is actually not so. A small mistake will compel you to play the level from the beginning, and thus, presence of mind is very important to progress in the game of Lode Runner 1, to make ends meet.

Even though the game cannot be played if you do not have a data connection at all, you just need the data connection for the game to talk with Google Play Games to backup or restore your progress. The game progresses will be saved on the cloud, so that you can start playing on any device, and that is undoubtedly the cherry on the pie.

Where’s My Water?

This is one of the oldest casual offline games on the Google Play Store, and is still one of my most favourite games, for the variety it has to offer. Where’s My Water? is a paid puzzle and brain game by Disney, where you will have to make water reach the washroom of an alligator family through muddy and swampy land for them to take a bath, or prevent poisonous water to reach the washroom. The motive might seem to be easy, but it turns out to be very difficult once you actually start playing the game.


You will have to deal with a number of obstacles to make the water reach the spot within the game, and you will have to be very specific in your plans to succeed in a few of the levels. You can even collect hidden treasures within the game to unlock additional levels, and there are a plethora of levels to occupy you in the game for hours. If you find fun, playing Where’s My Water?, you can even download and play the other editions of the game, like Where’s My Water? 2.

Alto’s Adventure

If you are fond of playing unlimited running casual offline games, Alto’s Adventure serves the same item on the plate, but with a different spice. Unlike Temple Run or Subway Surfers, on Alto’s Adventure, you will have to jump on snow-capped mountain peaks, valleys, and other stunningly beautiful landscapes, really very fast, to avoid getting slipped that will eventually end the game, Alto’s Adventure is a fast-paced casual game, and you will really like playing the game, if you are fond of playing unlimited running games.


In the beginning, you will be made to go through a tutorial, to help you build your own strategies to deal with different perils when you get on the launchpad. The game is all about stunning visuals, fast-paced controls, and much fun. Alto’s Adventure is completely free to play, and you can even try out its sequel, the Alto’s Odyssey, which is more fun and comes with significant new features. Alto’s Adventure is completely free to play, and you can even enjoy the game when you are completely offline.


In the game of Horizon, your motive is to glide a ship properly through multiple obstacles, and that’s just it. Did you find that easy! Play the game and you come to know, how difficult it is to control the plane. You have to plan your movements beforehand to prevent screwing up the plane, and end the game. This eventually makes the game a lot of fun, and the game will go more difficult, once you start playing the game for quite some time.


Horizon is completely free to play, and you can even play the game offline, and never know when time runs out. The gameplay is accompanied by a piece of soothing music in the background, which makes it more relaxing when you start playing the game. Horizon also comes with a leaderboard, where you can find your position worldwide and can complete different challenges to earn rewards. Considering everything, Horizon is the game, worth your time.


Duet is a minimalistic game, where your job is to control two balls at the same time, which are moving in sync with each other, from hitting an obstruction. Just like most other games on the list, Duet also features soothing music in the background that will give you a completely different feel of playing the game. To control the balls, you will have to tap on the right side of the screen to make the balls move in a clockwise direction and to move in the anti-clockwise direction, you will have to tap on the left.


The controls are simple but are equally difficult to master, when you start playing the game. With increasing difficulty levels, and the tricky shapes of the obstacles, it can turn out to be really difficult to control the balls after a few levels, and that’s when the fun starts. Duet is a free-to-play game, and you can even play the game offline, making it a game that you should surely try out. It is a game that is easy to play but hard to master.

Quell Memento

One of the best casual offline games that I have played is Quell Memento. This is one of the best time-killers and is a game, which is there for a long time now, available on the Google Play Store. The game is all about controlling one or more water droplets on the screen to collect some dots, and the level will be over after you collect all the dots. This is also a game that is apparently easy to play. But there is a twist in this game, which makes the game fun and challenging at the same time.


One wrong move in the game and you will have to start from zero. You will have to think before every move, and the water drops can sometimes move in synchronization, which eventually makes the game more difficult.

If you want to kill some time, and want to sharpen your IQ at the same time, Quell Memento is completely free to play, and you can even try out other games from the same developer, which bears the same theme, but the levels are different. I still love playing the game of Quell Memento, and the levels turn out to be really hard after some time.

Does not Commute

From Mediocre, the Does not Commute is a driving game, where you will have to reach the destination within time, and the faster you reach, the better it is. You will get a bird’s eye view of the cars, and the challenge is to control the cars in that particular view. Yes, I know, this makes the game very challenging, but you will really enjoy playing the game. After you complete a set of levels, the next level will also come with a number of assignments, where you will have to make your car reach the destination within time, but in a tighter timeline.


Does not Commute is free to play, and do not come with any ads at all. However, if you want to continue playing, from the last checkpoint, you will have to pay a one time charge. Otherwise, the game is free, and I will recommend you to pay for the full version if you really love the concept of this cool game. The game is not about strategy, but everything lies in, how good your driving skills are. With increasing levels, the traffic will be high, and you will have to drive your vehicle with better precision to avoid a collision, which slows down your vehicle, and it will take more time for you to reach the destination.

One More Bounce

It is another offline fun game, where you will have to draw lines to prevent a ball from being dropped. Yes, the initial levels might seem to be buttery smooth, but you can’t comprehend, where exactly, the levels will start getting difficult. You should act very fast to prevent the balls from dropping, and to do that, you might have to draw lines, even on the walls. But at the end of the day, this game is really fun to play. On the way to your destination, you can even collect some items to add up to your final score.


One More Bounce is an ad-supported free game, and you can remove ads by paying an amount equal to almost a cup of coffee. One More Bounce is all about how fast you can act, and how quickly you can make decisions to prevent the ball from hitting the ground or the walls. The game can be played by people of almost all ages, and you should draw the lines in a way that it doesn’t collide with the walls after a single bounce. So you have to keep in mind a number of aspects, before you finally draw a line, which will eventually develop your ability to quickly make useful decisions, even after offering you great gameplay to kill time, when you can’t find anything else to do.

Paper Wings

What if you could fly! Paper Wings is a minimalistic casual offline game, that will give you wings to control, and collect points while flying within the arena. Find it easy! Not really! The bird will come across a number of perils, and you will have to save the bird from all the perils with your precise controls. Mastering the controls is the key to master the game, and that can only be achieved by playing the game for hours, and you will really love playing it. The simplicity of the game is the reason, it was a finalist in the Indie Games corner contest, and is featured in the same.


Besides the single-player mode, which you can play offline, any time, you can even compete with others in the multilayer model, which can be even more fun. While playing the game, you can even come across some cool trivia about birds and can unlock multiple birds to play with your favourite one. The game will be tough to master in the beginning, but with a little patience, you can quickly master the game, and make it your favourite time killer in no time. Paper Wings can keep you occupied for several minutes if not hours.

PAKO Forever

Nobody wants to be in a situation when they will have to evade the police. But doing that can be real fun, at least in the virtual world, and PAKO Forever is there to just simulate that thrill on your small pocket-sized smartphone. With PAKO Forever, you will have to drive the car, by getting a bird’s eye view of the arena, and you will have to make quick decisions so that neither you run into a police car, or any of the police vehicles collide with you. Change directions tactfully, so that you don’t even collide with the trees or other obstacles as that will end the game just there.


After you reach certain checkpoints, you can unlock additional cars and more places to enjoy the game. Make sure to pick up powerups, while playing the game, as that will give you numerous in-game advantages, like burning the obstacles, slow downtime, and many more. PAKO Forever is one of the most addictive games you will ever play, and just like most other games, this game can be played, even when you are completely offline. Give PAKO Forever a try, and you will have no choice other than loving this fun yet thrilling game.

The list of casual offline Android games doesn’t end here. If your favourite game isn’t on the list, don’t be sad, and write the name in the comment section, to let others know about it, as well. The library of games on the Google Play Store is expanding every day, and it is really intriguing. A few of the games even have prequels, and those games are really nice, and I will recommend you to try them, as well.

So that was all about the top 10 casual offline games for Android. Do you have anything to say? Feel free to comment on the same below.