Top 10 CPU Coolers in the market for Gaming PCs in 2019-2020

Here are some top CPU coolers with standard to Liquid cooling systems for gaming or editing Desktop systems to get high performance without burning down CPU components.

To get the optimum performance out of your gaming rig and to ensure the longevity of the components, you must use a good quality CPU cooler which gives you the performance and also the reliability so that you can focus on your game rather than your hardware.

If you are an enthusiast user or just a freak who loves to overclock the performance via using third party application must keep in mind that overclocking can cause to reduced longevity of the components, especially the GPU and CPU. While in case of GPU you cannot use any other cooling mechanism but in case of CPU, you must upgrade the stock CPU cooler of yours to something more advanced and powerful. Otherwise even after the overclocking the CPU it will get hot very quickly and end up providing laggy performance or the CPU can even burn itself as well.

Here comes the debate of Liquid coolers vs the Air coolers, which is a never-ending one according to me as both of the types has something unique to offer. In this article we will not be participating in that debate, instead, we are going to discuss the best CPU coolers in the market, consisting of both types of coolers in the list. If you are interested about the opinion of ours, on the Air cooler vs Liquid Cooler debate, then you can read our other thread on that, which will help you to choose the right type of cooler for you.

We will be doing entry-level to premium level products, so if you are only interested in premium products then consider reading the options from the last.

Deepcool Gammaxx 400

If you’re looking for a sleek CPU cooler, the Deepcool Gammaxx is the one which you need. This universal 120mm PWN fan originates with 4 powder heat pipes that suitable for any well-matched Intel or AMD socket. Do not worry about the result, as it delivers outstanding cooling performance. Along with the performance, the combined blue LED would put life into your entire setup.



  • Universal socket compatibility varieties this inexpensive cooler the go-to CPU cooling solution for any user on a tight budget.
  • Four Copper heat pipes in straight contact with the CPU itself make the most of heat distribution at a rapid bound.
  • Though not very expensive, built with high-quality ingredients often found in high-end models only. Looks-wise it is fantastic too.


  • Decently an air-cooling system only. So do not expect something unique or out of the box solution. But, as an air-cooling system the Gammaxx satisfies the job pretty well.


The Deepcool Gammaxx 400 comes from a reputed brand hence dependable. The performance it provides at this cost makes it a worthy upgrade if you are still using stock coolers.

Cooler Master Hyper 212

The Cooler Master Hyper 212 is recognized as one of the most reasonable and effective CPU coolers on the market for the past two years. It’s filled with 4 heat pipes, which uphold direct contact with the CPU for supreme heat dissipation. The best thing about it is, its extremely adaptable and ready for easy fitting on any type of Intel and AMD sockets as it is a universal product to support all the CPU.



  • Numerous straight contact heat pipes and dual fans make a sure powerful cooling solution.
  • The eternal design makes the Hyper 212 the greatest low-profile CPU cooler in the market, at such an affordable price.
  • The Hyper 212 is not only one of the blockbusting coolers on the shop, but it’s also considered as one of the best but cheap CPU coolers among the gamers as well, do not worry as it is a premium quality product hence no sacrifice on performance.


  • Personally, I found that (yes, I use it on my PC) the components are of somewhat reduced quality and needs to be caringly maintained, for best performance and longevity.


A great CPU cooler intended for the mindful users. It provides a supreme deal given complete performance and elegance.

ARCTIC Freezer Xtreme Rev 2

The ARCTIC Freezer Xtreme is a gorgeous all-in-one answer that delivers outstanding cooling performance. Moreover, it is a low noise model which comes with 4 separate heat pipes, guaranteeing whisper-quiet heat distribution and effectiveness. Combine that with its quick mount time, and you’re ready to play the most exhaustive games on max graphics settings while keeping your CPU cool.



  • Great heat indulgence from this premium quality all-in-one solution.
  • Low noise impeller guarantees smooth but quiet action.
  • Well-matched with almost all PC cases and Motherboards and CPUs which comes with a 120mm fan mounting possibility.
  • If you like rugged and heavy-duty looks then you are going to love this one.


  • The airflow isn’t very guiding, so the user is needed to ensure the routed correctly incorrect direction.


The ARCTIC Freezer Xtreme is without any doubt one of the best Air-cooler for CPU at this a decent price, and if you are looking and not in a very tight budget then this is actually the best according to me.

MSI CPU Core FrozR L / XL Cooler

MSI is recognized for its high-quality components ranging from laptops to monitors and further. So, one can be certain that the FrozR L Cooler is up to mark. After all, it is loaded with a 120mm fan and copper base for greater cooling and all-around effectiveness. It’s also a universal product, so it can be installed on any Intel or AMD CPU, without any hassle.



  • A genuine copper base and premium quality thermal compound permit for outstanding heat indulgence.
  • The parts are used are the very best in the quality, so the FrozR L integrates MSI’s flagship 120mm fan design for commanding cooling.
  • The cooler is bulky both in size and weight. Also, you may feel that the fit is very tight for most of the builds.


  • The cooler is huge in size, and also little bit weighty; so probably it would fit very tight on the CPU base, to do which you may need to put some extra effort. For smaller PC case some modifications may be required.
  • The XL model provides much more superior cooling but it is even bulkier in size than the L model.


Simply the design is enormous, and the price is also reasonable for this kind of premium product, though the XL model costs more than entry-level Liquid Coolers, this product is all about quality only. As it does not contain any led lights or any other manoeuvre controls, so no breath-taking features included. But the robust design along with the supreme performance makes it a viable choice, even for the professional gamers. Especially if you are a fan of Air Cooling, then you can even use this cooler along with Intel Core i9 as well and you won’t even feel the absence of the Liquid cooling in the system.

Cooler Master MasterAir Maker 8

This one is a very high-end option from the side of Cooler Master and in quality and dependability, MasterAir Maker 8 is no exception from their fame. This comes with freaking 8 separate heat pipes and a big enough heatsink to deliver the best performance you can expect from a CPU cooler. MasterAir 8 also features 2 low-noise high-rpm fans. Cooler Master MasterAir 8 also got the revolutionary 3D Vapor Chamber for unparalleled cooling.



  • 8 heat pipes and a huge heat sink offer incredible performance.
  • Engineered for hardcore gamers, so do not worry if you are about to do serious gaming.
  • The implementation of the 3D Vapor Chamber technology makes it the highest-end CPU air-cooler in the market.


  • Quite expensive as an Air-cooling system, also the performance is one of the greatest but not THE greatest, but the product is worth buying for serious e-sports gamers and graphics designers.


Not a cup of tea for everyone unless you are about to spend a good amount of money for the best product, as well as your pc usages, are really demanding and exhausting.

Noctua 14cm U-series Single Tower CPU Cooler

The discussion of CPU Air coolers is incomplete without the Noctua CPU Cooler, as it features an award-winning fan design which guarantees provide the best cooling than any other Air coolers. Noctua designed this one to run with a record 1500 RPM speed, and it also comes with a very simple design which is very easy for maintenance.



  • Comes with brief advice, a heat sink, and all the gears needed to get up and to make it run quickly.
  • Silent and proficient: the large and unique 150mm design employs the finest components plus robust fan pads and robust hardware.
  • With a near-perfect customer rating, you can rest your trust on this guaranteed and one of the greatest CPU fans on the market. Truly you will not find a better fan in any other CPU Air cooler.


  • This design is so large, that this cooler will not fit in many of the PC cases and also in many of the motherboards. So, you must be sure about the compatibility before buying, if you are about to install it on your previous pc.


In simple words, if you are looking for the best CPU air-cooler in the market, then your search ends here, as this one is THE BEST air-cooler for any CPU and for any purpose.

Enough for Air-coolers, now let’s talk about the Liquid Coolers.

Corsair Hydro Series H60 Liquid CPU Cooler

If you’re looking for one of the finest AIO liquid coolers, you are actually looking for the Corsair H60. This new and enhanced model from Corsair features improved micro-fine copper cold plates, which ensures the best heat indulgence and all-around effectiveness. Furthermore, this one is low-profile equipment with a silent operation mode (one of the main reasons for which people prefer Liquid cooling) and it also guarantees a brilliant fit for any rig.



  • Silent and stable cooling ensured, thanks to cutting edge design and high-quality components.
  • The copper thermal plate is used for greater cooling; comes with a premium quality thermal compound previously applied for faster fitting.
  • No need for refilling as the cooling system is self-contained, so H60 is a great choice for a build where you will not upgrade anything for 5-6 years.


  • The design is not user-friendly, so you may face compatibility issue, to avoid which you should check through about the compatibility of this product. But it is true that this awkward design made H60 very easy to install.


Corsair intended the H60 to be an allrounder cooling system. The H60 is the definitely the finest Liquid CPU Cooler in its price range. So, if your budget is somehow permitting you to get H60, do get it except anything else.

Deepcool Gamer Storm 240EX

If you’re watching for an easy fitting process, but a liquid CPU cooler only, then the Deepcool Gamer Storm 240EX is a good solution, not the best, of course. This commanding AIO liquid cooler is equipped to go right out of the box, and it works stunningly thanks a lot to the high-density water microchannel with a serious 10% better heat indulgence than any best air CPU coolers. It’s also filled with an exclusive soundless double-blade fan and good-looking design for top-notch ergonomics and performance.



  • One of the most trusted AIO coolers on the 2019 market. Got both aesthetics of being powerful and stunning.
  • The intuitive all-in-one design guarantees Gamer Storm to be the best closed-loop CPU cooler, and also it is quite affordable as a full-fledged liquid CPU cooler.
  • The soundless double-blade fan makes this product a premium one. The performance of 10% better heat circulation is something just because of which you are looking for a liquid CPU cooler.


  • According to some users, there are some minor leakage issues been spotted, so keep an eye for regular maintenance to avoid any potential hassle.


The Deepcool Gamer Storm a great one offering the best AIO water cooling service with some high-end features and also fits in most buyer’s budget.

Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB Platinum Liquid CPU Cooler

Those are a fan of Corsair products and looking for high-end liquid cooling with RGB lights, they can opt H100i of Hydro series. The RGB can be easily programmed using the iCUE software of Corsair. It features two 120mm ml pro series RGB magnetic levitation PWM fans, with each fan running from 400 to 2,400 rpm, thermally optimized cold plate and low-noise pump design with 240mm radiator.



  • Low noise.
  • 16 individually controlled RGB LEDs light on the pump head
  • One of the best available liquid cooling option in Corsair.
  • iCUE support
  • Platinum Liquid CPU Cooler Cold Plate
  • 240mm radiator with an expanded radiator core


  • Few users complaint that the installation of it on AMD socket is cumbersome, especially if you have 8 ram modules around the CPU, however, it is all in one solution for gaming system cooling, although the price is tad high, still, if your pocket allows, you can go for it.


Best cooling solution for those looking for an extensive combination of customization RGB LED lights. Moreover, at a top speed of 2,400 RPM with couple of fans, the production of noise is obvious.

Thermaltake Water 3.0 CPU Cooler

Thinking about enhancing the look of your PC, here is something for you. A liquid CPU cooler with RGB is something which will upgrade your pc looks by immensely. The Thermaltake 3.0 is an AIO water cooling attachment which delivers optimum performance in swag. The sleek rainbow LEDs, quite dual fans, intuitive controller attachment makes it a gadget rather than a cooler. The full copper base plate is used for maximum heat transfusion efficiency. While it is from Thermaltake, you do not need to worry about quality, simply the best it is.



  • Adaptive design equipped with the universal socket compatibility, which makes it even easier to install.
  • The fans run at 2000rpm, which make sure to provide superior quality heat dissipation.
  • All the used components like the radiator, water block, and pump all are crafted with high-performance and high-quality parts by Thermaltake itself, so no compromise on quality and longevity.


  • Though the fans are very quiet nut without proper maintenance the fans can become noisy.


Without any doubt, the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Liquid CPU cooler is the very best liquid CPU cooler, for any new or enthusiast users. The price is a bit high, but the best quality never comes cheap.

NZXT Kraken X72

Here comes the most premium CPU cooler of all, from 2019, and surely this one going to be the best one in the entire 2020 for its futuristic design and best of best performance. If you are not a professional or over-enthusiast gamer, this one is not for you. The aesthetics are great, the RGB LED is something beyond which you can not expect any more, as there are no more advanced LED lighting exits in this world till date.



  • Universal compatibility, for both Intel and AMD CPUs.
  • Triple fan design and the fans can rotate up to 2800 RPM.
  • Very low noise produced, which is actually negligible.
  • Great LED light aesthetics
  • The best performance, actually it is the best CPU cooler on the planet right now.
  • Made for professional users only, so no compromise in quality, longevity or performance.


  • The fan module is quite big, and won’t fit in every PC Cabinet, some specific cabinets only have enough room for this cooler, so if you are upgrading, consider changing your PC case too.
  • Quite heavy, actually the total unit weighs around 1.3kg / 2.8 pounds.
  • Damn expensive, the price is around $210, just for a liquid CPU cooler.


A very stylish cooler, with great aesthetics both in looks and design, provides the best performance, made of best quality components, needs minimal maintenance, in short, you get what you paid for. The best Liquid CPU cooler on the market for 2019-2020.


There are also some more good quality CPU coolers available both in Air cooler and Liquid cooler segments, but the above discussed ruled the market in 2019, and most of them are going to rule the market in 2020 too. Now chose according to your budget. If you are not overclocking your CPU, then actually you do bot need to spare a fortune on a CPU cooler itself, but if you want to overclock a Ryzen Threadripper, or i7, i9 then you must get the best in the market for the sake of your CPU. If you really are a passionate, enthusiast and performance-hungry gaming pc user, then the best coolers in this list are meant for you.

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