How to connect Android ADB over wifi without USB to control from your computer

Do you want to know how to connect and control your Android phone from your computer using ADB over wifi without USB; here is the step by step tutorial to connect ADB via IP (Wirelessly)

Being the owner of an ADB Android device, you must be knowing, what is ADB or Android Debug Bridge! If you do not know what ADB is, and how to activate Android debugging to control your smartphone from your computer, you can read my article: How to install ADB on Windows 10,8, 7, and Linux. But, do you know, you can also control your Android device, through a Wi-Fi network, using Android ADB wifi debugging. Yes, you heard it right, you do not need to use your data cable, to get the advantages of using ADB. You can set up and use the ADB over wifi with just a few steps and commands.

Let’s find out, how to control your smartphone from your computer using ADB over Wi-Fi. The steps are really easy. The only things, which you need are your smartphone, a Wi-Fi network, pretty obvious, a computer or a laptop, which is as well obvious, and a data cable. Yes, you need a USB data cable for the 1st time.


Android ADB over wifi without USB -Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1: Connect first your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable. If you face any kind of problems, or your computer cannot detect the device, the solutions to all your issues are available in my previous article on ADB.

Step 2: After you connect, open ‘Command Prompt’ on Windows, or the ‘Terminal’ on Linux, and type ‘adb devices’. You will get a list of devices, connected to your computer. The alphanumeric codes represent your device.

adb over wifi without root 



Step 3: Now type ‘adb –s <device_ID> tcpip 5555’, if you are having multiple devices connected. If you are having a single device, just type ‘adb tcpip 5555’, and the ADB interface will understand, you are talking about the only connected device.

Just see the screenshot below to free yourself from any doubts.

adb over wifi android studio 


Step 4: Say goodbye to your data cable, head to your ‘Device Settings’, and find the IP Address. Go to ‘Settings’>’ About phone’>’ Status’, to find the IP address.

adb over wifi without usb


Step 5: Go back to your Command-Line or Terminal, and type ‘adb connect <Device IP>:5555’.

adb wifi commands to connect debug

Step 6: Your Android device is now connected for ADB access over Wi-Fi. Now run any commands from your computer, and you will get the same results if you do it by connecting your smartphone to your computer with a data cable.


Some things to remember while connecting ADB over wifi without USB

But, the most important point is that both your computer and the smartphone should be on the same Wi-Fi network. If you change the Wi-Fi network, you will have to replace the ‘Device IP’ with the new IP address of your smartphone on the new Wi-Fi network, and you are good to go.

If you restart your computer or smartphone and want to connect your mobile, again through ADB, you will have to repeat the steps, as on turning off the smartphone, the service gets stopped, which needs to be restarted.

Need more such cool tricks? Comment your ideas down below.


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