How To Change Language in Windows 10 systems

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The default system language comes in Windows 10 system is English but you don’t need to compel your self to use your personal Windows 10 system in English you can change that. The Windows 10 offers a wide range of language options according to regions. Using Windows 10 settings you can change the language, not for a single account but for your whole system, all accounts, login screen and everywhere on the PC. So, if you don’t know how to change the system language in the Windows 10 PC then here we have created a step by step tutorial to give a way to properly change the default language across on your entire computer.

Steps to Change Windows 10 PC language globally


Step 1: Windows Settings

Go to the search box and type settings. When it appears select that.

Windows 10 language settings

Step 2: Windows 10 Time & Language

From Windows, settings select the option Time & Language option shown in the screenshot.

Windows 10 language options

Step 3: Now from Time & Language option select the Region & Language settings. Under that, you will see a Language section from where you need to click on Add language option to add your regional or mother tongue language to your Windows 10 system.

Add language in windows 10

Step 4: Add a Language

From Add language, you see Windows language pack section that lists all most every language of every country. Now in the search box type the language name that you want on your system such as Russian, German, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch and more…

For performing the tutorial, we are choosing the Hindi language.

All languages pack available in Windows 10 such as russian, arabic, hindi and more


Step 5: Download new language packages

Once you select your region language, it will appear in the language section as you can see we have selected the Hindi language and it shows there in the screenshot. After that, the first thing you need to do is click on the Set as Default button to make the new Windows 10 language as your system default and then click on the Options button.

Windows 10 regions & Languages options

When you click on the Options button it takes you to the language options settings form where you need to download the language pack for your selected language. For reference, you can see in the below-given screenshot.

How to set Hindi language for windows 10

Step 6: Clock, Language, and Region

Now go to Control Panel and select the Clock, Language, and Region option. Under which select the Language option give on the right side,

Windows 10 language pack


Step 7: Change the language preferences of Windows 10

Click on the Advanced settings. 

Windows 10 advance settings


Step 8: Language Advanced settings

Click on the Link: “Apply Language settings to the welcome screen, system accounts, and new user accounts“.

Additional settings of windows 10 to change the default language to hindi


Step 9: Region Administrative Copy settings

When you click on the Apply Language settings, it will open the Region settings window from where click on the Copy settings as shown in the screenshot.

Windows 10 regional and language settings


Step 10: Welcome screen and new user accounts settings

From the Copy your current settings, tick the Welcome screen and system accounts and New user accounts check box

Press OK.

These options will apply your selected language to every account of the Windows 10.

Windows 10 System display language changed


Step 11: Change Display Language

When you press OK button, the Windows 10 system ask you to restart the system to apply the Language changes. Click on Restart Now and you are done!!.

Change display languages

If you want to Change Language of the Windows 10 back to English (default) again go to Settings->Time & Language->Region & Language and select the default language English.

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