How to Set an Ethernet metered connection on Windows 10

If you have limited data plan and using the internet using the Ethernet connection, and want to set a metered connection on Windows 10 or 8 then here is the step by step solution.

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Step by step Guide to set Ethernet metered connection on Windows 10



Step 1:  Go to search panel and search for Regedit and run it.

enable Metered connection on ethernet

Step 2: In the registry navigate for the DefaultMediaCost 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft-> Windows -> Windows NT-> CurrentVersio-> NetworkList-> DefaultMediaCost

Step 3: Now on the DefaultMediaCost key, right click and select Permissions. A permission windows will open, now click on Advance option as shown in the screenshot.

ethernet metered connection settings

Step 4: The Advance security settings for DefaultMediacost will open. At the top, you will see an option called TrustedInstaller click on change Link.

How to set an Ethernet metered connection on Windows 10

Step 5: The Select User or Group windows will open and click on the Advanced option, then click Find Now from search results select the Administrators user and click on OK.

Permission on ethernet

Step 6: Now at the top check the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects option and click ok.

Replace ethernet

Step 7: Select the Administrators group and then make sure to check the allow Full Control box from Permissions for DefaultMediaCost Window and click Ok.

metered connection on ethernet windows 8 or 10

Step 8: Now from the DefaultMediaCost key double click on the Ethernet entry to change the value. Change its value from data value 1 to 2. Click OK

  • The Data Value 1 means non-metered connection
  • The Data Value 2 means metered connection

Step 9: Now restart the computer to complete the process and to reflect the changes. After restarting the PC on the network connection setting clicks on Ethernet and select the connection.
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Step 10: Under the Ethernet connection now you can see the metered connection on/off toggle option.
How to set Ethernet metered connection on Windows 10
In this way, you set the metered connection on Windows 10 or 8 to save the bandwidth or data plan. Also, this option will control the unwanted Windows 10 Updates.

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