How to use Chocolatey choco to install chrome on Windows

Choco is the command that uses in Chocolatey on Windows 10/8/7 platforms to install different software available as Chocolatey packages. Now what exactly Chocolatey is? If you have ever used Ubuntu or Centos or any other Linux OS, they all have their own package manager that we use to install the different applications via the command line such as apt-get or yum. But they don’t work for Windows, thus, this has given the inception of Chocolatey which work as a Windows package manager to install various software via Command Prompt or Powershell, directly using a few commands.

It is built on NuGet infrastructure and is able to manage all aspects of managing Windows software by understanding both versioning and dependency requirements.

So, if you are new to Chocolatey then you can go to its packages to see all the available ones. However, here we are showing a tutorial on how to install the Google Chrome browser using Chocolatey on Windows 10/8/7.

Step 1: Install Chocolatey

If you already have this Windows package manager then leave this step and move to the next step.  And if someone doesn’t have it then see this article to know how to download Chocolatey for installation.

Step 2: Open the Power shell

Go to the Windows search box and type Power shell, when it appears, run it under administrator rights.

Open Power shell

Step 3: Choco command to install the Google Chrome browser

Now in your PowerShell fire the below command to get Google chrome browser packages without using any browser to download the setup and then install the same manually. Just a single command that’s it!

choco install googlechrome

choco install googlechrome

Step 4: Upgrade Chrome via Choco

In the future, if you want to upgrade your Google Chrome browser then that can be done using Chocolatey’s Choco upgrade command in Powershell, here’s that:

choco upgrade googlechrome

choco upgrade googlechrome

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