Clean your Smartphone or Laptop safely for your own good: here is how

It is a very good practice to clean your phone or other devices like laptops/tablets routinely. It keeps your devices healthy and clean. And it is very essential for your well being also. But make sure you clean them properly and safely.

If you are thinking that Covid-19 is not anymore a threat to us then you are making a big mistake. The world is not fully recovered from this virus and it can hit us again with another wave. Your laptop or smartphone can carry the deadly virus and infect you or your family members at any time. That is why it is important to disinfect your portable devices which you use outside of your home.

Apart from Coronavirus, such devices can also carry other viruses that might infect you with many illnesses. We always use our phones wherever we go and keeping our phone at home all the time is not possible.

People are using phones or laptops heavily on a daily basis for a long time which makes them dirty and unhealthy. And after this pandemic situation, the usage of such devices has increased rapidly due to the lockdown and work from home.

To protect us from germs and Covid-19 we clean all the things in our house and washcloths that we use regularly. The object we buy or carry outside is a major source of illness and we should disinfect them when we bring them into our home.

Use them after cleaning them properly. Just like we avoid threats by cleaning those objects, we must disinfect our smartphone or laptop when we use it in any crowded place or any public gathering.

If we touch any Covid infected surface and then touch our phone or laptop then our devices can carry that deadly virus back to our home and make us ill. So, disinfect your devices from Coronavirus and other germs by cleaning them routinely.

But, do not clean it with any solution or cloth or any other things that can damage your mobile or laptop screen. Bad solutions can harm your device and create some technical faults within the device.

clean your smartphone or laptop properly

Here is how to clean your smartphone or laptop properly

  • First of all, do not try to disinfect your device while plugged on. Remove them from the charger and you can switch off the device for more safety when you do this.
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe the screen and body because it will not create any kind of scratch or mark on your device.
  • Take that piece of dry cloth and rub it softly on the screen and other areas to clean the dust and the oily surface.
  • A disinfectant or a sanitizer based on alcohol is needed to kill the germs from your phone or laptop.
  • Use a solution that contains around 70% alcohol. But do not spray or pour such sanitizers directly on your phone or laptop. Spray it on the cloth and rub it gently on your devices to make it virus-free.
  • Apart from your devices, you should also clean the accessories of your devices because they can also catch viruses. Wash the phone cover or laptop bag with water and detergents to keep them clean and harm-free.
  • If you are using any phone case that is not suitable for water washing like leather cases then you can just dampen a soft cloth in a water solution and rub it nicely on the cover. Cover cleaning methods depend on the type of cover you are using. So act accordingly.

Follow the simple above-mentioned instructions and keep your devices clean or healthy. It will help the devices to look great and run for a longer period of time. And the most important thing is, it will save you from infecting many illnesses from your devices.