How to create Windows XP bootable USB Drive

Windows XP Professional is available to download free of cost along with the Product Key, therefore, if you want to install it on your old Desktop or Laptop computer system using a bootable USB drive, then here is the tutorial for that.

Earlier when Windows XP was a dominant operating system, at that time CDs were used to create a bootable medium, However, as technology is improving, that trend shifted to a USB drive. As CD drives are not anymore in the common usage, thus the only common way now we have to install XP is using a bootable USB drive. Indeed, the size of XP is just of a few MBs, thus we don’t need some huge size Pen drive. 1 GB will be absolutely fine.


  • Windows XP ISO file
  • WinToUSB bootable USB maker

Note: Before installing Windows XP make sure your hardware is compatible because most of the modern BIOS wouldn’t support running of  Windows XP and may cause a fatal error while installing. Thus, it would be a great idea if you have some old PC or laptop and you want to use the Windows XP on it.  Whereas on modern PC or Laptop, I don’t think you have to install Windows XP natively on the system instead use the VirtualBox or VMware Workstation Player (recommended). For that, you can see this tutorial – How to install Windows XP ISO on Windows 10 VirtualBox

Steps to download and create bootable Windows XP USB drive

  1. If you don’t have a Windows XP ISO file, then go to and download the one. You will also get the Product key there, posted officially by Microsoft. The version is Windows XP Professional SP3 x86.
  2. Download WinToUSB, it is a lightweight software to easily create Windows and Linux bootable USB drives.
  3. Select Windows Setup Bootable Wizard option.
  4. Choose the radio button given in form of “I have ISO image or Archive” option.
  5. On Windows File Path, click on the Select button to browse the ISO file of Windows XP you have downloaded.
  6. Select the USB that you want to use for creating Windows XP bootable one.
  7. Move forward and when it asks to format the drive do that. Wait for some time and the USB drive will automatically get converted into a bootable one for installing the Windows XP operating system on your old systems.


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