How to use Portable UwAmp Wamp Server on Windows 10/7

Are you looking for a Portable WAMP server then try our UwAmp? It offers Apache, MySQL, PHP, and PHPMyAdmin stack in a portable format to run on Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP.

UwAmp is an easy alternative to XAMPP and WAMP servers to create local web environments on Windows operating system running laptops and PCs but with portable functionality. Yes, this means you don’t have to install anything on your system/server, so no strings attached at all. The users can save UwAMP WAMP portable servers on their USB/External Drive or USB key/memory cards and whenever they want to work on their web projects simply plug the Pen Drive and start the Apache webserver.

For example, you want to develop and test out a WordPress website, in such a scenario you can save all your WordPress on the same USB drive where the UwAMp portable WAMP server is. In this way, all your website files along with webserver including MySQL Database are always with you.

So, let’s see how you can use the UwAmp webserver portable to install a WordPress on some USB drive…

Download UwAmp Wamp Server Portable file

The UwAmp is also available in standard installation format, however, we are not going to download it because we want to use it in a portable format. Thus, click on the Zipped file format.

Wamp portable server download

Extract the file and move to a USB drive

Now, you will have a UwAmp zipped folder on your PC, right-click and extract that. Although we can use the WAMP server directly from the place where you have extracted the folder on Windows, still, those want to carry it along they must move the folder to USB Drive.

RUn UwAMP Portable Local web server

Download the WordPress file

If you want to install WordPress on the WAMP server then download it otherwise other CMS or Web app you want to try out. Now, go to and download the zipped file.

Download WordPress

Extract WordPress

Now, right-click and extract the folder you downloaded compressed Wordrpess file.

Copy WordPress to WWW directory

Go to your portable UwAmp interface and then click on the “Folder www” button to open the Apache web root directory.

Open www root folder

Now, copy the wordpress folder available inside the extracted Wordpres x.x in the root (www) directory.

Start Apache Server

Now, click on the Start button on the UwAMP server to start the Apache and MySQL.

Start Apache

Create Database using phpMyAdmin

As the Webserver and WordPress files are both at their places, the next thing we need is the Database for the same. As our MySQL is already running, thus click on the “PHPMyAdmin” button given on the UwAmp interface to access it. As you click on it you will see the login screen in the browser.

Enter the default password for PHPMyAdmin that is username= root and password= root.

  • To create a new MySQL database, click on the “New” option.
  • Enter the Database name you want to use and then click on the Create button.

Create mysql database in phpmyadmin

  • Select the created Database from the list on the left side given in the phpMyAdmin and then click on the Privileges tab.
  • To add a new user for the database using phpMyAdmin, select the option “Add user account


  • Enter the login information that you want to use with Database user.
  • Such as Username, hostname, Password

Add user account phpmyadmin

  • Scroll down and select “Grant Privileges on database <your database name>”
  • After that select, the Check all option to give all rights of the Database to the user you have created.
  • Finally, click on the Go button to let the command execute.

Give Database privileges to user in phpMyAdmin

Run WordPress installation

  • Now, in the browser type: http://localhost/wordpress/
  • Select the Language in which you want to install the WordPress

Select WordPress langauge

Enter the Database and User account we have created above.

Enter Database details

Finally, after following the WordPress installation wizard, we will have the Dashboard to start testing out the website.

Wordpress on WAMP Server portable

In this way, you can use portable Wordpres on Wamp server to carry your website project in your pocket and start working on any Windows system or server.

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