GBWhatsApp: Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick, Last Seen & More On WhatsApp

Have you heard about the GBWhatsApp, if yes then you might get a question in your mind that, what is GBwhatsapp? So, it is a moded Android APK file of official WhatsApp and here in this tutorial, we let you know how to use it. Before diving into it let’s know who needs the GBWhatsApp. If you are using WhatsApp too much and you show online, and want to hide that then the GBWhatsApp is the best option. Because showing all day online may cause some problem to your parents or relatives or officials. The other things which it offers are: you can hide your blue tick, second tick, online status, Writing status, and more from other Whatsapp users but you can see others without letting them see yours.

GBWhatsApp can run on the same Android smartphone without removing the original Whatsapp. It is the best ever moded app for WhatsApp users to hide last seen, online status, and other hacks. You can use your own custom themes, colors, and more. You can also see the GBWhatsAPP FAQ from here: LINK

Note: All WhatsApp Mods Apps Has Been Stops And No Longer Available for the public by its original developer GBmods. However, a new alternative and similar to it is now available – FMWhatsApp.

Features of GBWhatsApp Moded Apk

  • A custom version of the latest version of WhatsApp
  • Disable internet only for WhatsApp with help of inbuilt DND features of WhatsApp
  • Revoke multiple WhatsApp messages
  • Schedule WhatsApp messages inbuilt feature
  • Hide Online Status to show to everyone offline while chatting.
  • Gives the ability to send videos up to 50 MB.
  • Up to 35 characters name can be set for WhatsApp groups
  • Clipboard to Copy the status of others.
  • Hide Blue Ticks even after reading the Message for contacts and groups.
  • Hide Second Tick for contacts and group even after the message delivered
  • It allows adding 600 people to the broadcast group
  • Original WhatsApp allows only 139 characters long status but this one gives 255 characters
  • Supports 100+ language
  • On the fly translation of chats into other languages
  • Custom theme options
  • Hide Blue Microphone when you open voice messaged for contacts and group
  • Hide View Status Privacy in which even after viewing the status of other users or contacts but your name will not appear to them that you have seen their status.
  • Custom and new Emojis
  • You can also set your online status for 24 hours
  • Can use along with official WhatsApp as Dual WhatsApp
  • No ban issues
  • Hide Writing info while typing a message for contacts and group
  • Hide Recording Status when you recording for contacts and group
  • Block calls for Specific Contacts
  • Can send 90 images in one click
  • Can copy the selected text of Whatsapp messages
  • Lock some personal chat of your WhatsApp without any third-party app.
  • Hide Last Seen for only selected Contacts.
  • Send Gif Images, disable voice calling if you want.
  • Change ticks color and style
  • Media demo
  • And much more…

How To Install GBWhatsApp with original WhatsApp on Android

Step 1: As the GBWhatsapp is a modded APK file for the Android platform and that why it is not available in the Google Play store. So, the question is now, Where to download the GbWhatsapp.

You might find so many websites to download the GBWhatsApp when you search it on Google.   











Step 2: After downloading the APK file transfer it to your smartphone; Go to file manager tap on the GBWhatsApp APK file and it will prompt to Install. If the Unknown source is disabled in your smartphone it will ask to enable it. Generally, it locates under Setting -> Security. Check the option “Unknown sources” and tap OK on the prompt message.

Install GBWhatsApp with original WhatsApp on Android


How to set up, run and restore original WhatsApp data & chats backup to GBwhatsapp

Step 1: Finally you will see Dual WhatsApp on your Android smartphone.

Dual WhatsAPP

Step 2: Before open, run and setup GBWhatsApp we will copy or backup our original WhatsApp, data, media files and Chats to GBWhatsApp. For doing this go to file manager and find out WhatsApp folder.

Open the WhatsApp folder and tap + hold to copy the Databases folder.

back and restore WhatsApp backup to GBwhatsapp

Step 3: Now go back and find the folder name GBWhatsApp, open it and paste the copied database folder here. Please see the screenshot for more info…

Install the GBWhatsApp

Step 4: Finally we have copied all data, chats and media files of our main WhatsApp to the GBWhatsAPP, now its time to install it.

1. Open GBWhatsApp and tap on Agree and Continue. You will also see an option RESTORE  but that will not work right now and shows can’t find any backup /SDcard/ GBwhatsApp because it is the first time we are installing the GBWhatsApp.

2. Enter your phone number which you uses in your original WhatsApp. Now tap on option COPY WHATSAPP DATA this option will copy all media files from the original WhatsApp folder to the GBWhatsapp.

Note: If Copying media files don’t work you can also directly copied the Media folder form the Original WhatsApp folder to the GB Whatsapp.

3. Tap on the Next and continue.


Step 5: This moded app is based on the original WhatsApp that’s why all the rest steps are the same as the original one. To restore the backup in GBWhatsapp click on the restore when it shows. For more info please see the screenshots.

how to restore gbwhatsapp backup

How to Remove or disable WhatsApp Blue Ticks or Read Receipts in Android

The GB WhatsApp which is based on the WhatsApp (original) is installed, now its time to play around with it.

Step 1: To remove or disable the WhatsApp Blue Tick read receipts, we need to open the GBWhatsapp.

  1. Tap on the 3 dots given at the top right corner
  2. Select the Privacy Option and tap the Blue Ticks
  3. If you want to Hide the Blue ticks for contacts then select the contact and for WhatsApp groups select the group. In this way, you can disable your delivery report on the WhatsApp for your friends.

Note: People can’t see your blue ticks read receipts but you can see everyone’s blue tick.


How to Hide Online Status in GBWhatsApp Android

The second benefit of this moded WhatsApp which people are desperately looking for is a way to disable the online status for everyone while chatting online. In the original Whatsapp it is not possible but on GB it is:

Go to Privacy->Hide Online Status and Whatsapp restart automatically to apply this mod feature.

Hide online status on GBWhatsapp

How to freeze last seen on the GBwhatsapp

To freeze last seen on the GBwhatsapp follow the below-given steps:

  • Go to Whatsapp settings.
  • Tap on Accounts-> Privacy.
  • Select the Last Seen option and make it visible for everyone.GBWhatsapp last seen freeze
  • Now go to the GbWhatsapp privacy section and tab on the option Hide Online Status.Hide online status on GBWhatsapp
  • As soon as you tap on the Hide Online status all your contact will see the freeze last seen. The time visible in the last less will be the time when you have selected to Hide Online status option.

How to hide double tick on GBwhatsapp Android

The double tick on Whatsapp show that your message has been delivered but for some personal reason if you want to show single tick but still online then again go to Privacy Settings->Second Tick and you successfully disable the double grey click on the WhatsApp.

double tick on whatsapp Android

How To Hide Writing Status (typing... ) info while writing text on GB Whatsapp

To Hide the Writing status in GBWhatsApp go to Privacy and tap on Writing Status, and it will disable the —typing… symbol while typing text to someone.


How to download GBwhatsapp themes

The moded app also offers a way to customize your WhatsApp interface theme. To download theme on GBWhatsapp go to GB settings ->Download themes and choose the theme which you want to use and after that just tap on the APPLY option to implement on your WhatsApp.

You can also use the custom theme on the GB Whatsapp from the option MORE just given below the Download themes option, for more info see the screenshot given below.

Download themes in GBWhatsapp

The sample of themes available on GBWhatsapp.

Install and download GBWhastAPP theme


How to update GBwhatsapp latest version of Android

To update the GBWhatsApp to latest version you need to go GB settings-> Updates-> Check for Updates. If this option does not work then you can use the Web Download which opens the GB Whatsapp official website to download and update it to the latest version.

update GBwhatsapp latest version

How to Disable WhatsApp calls on GBWhatsApp?

Tap on the three dots given on the right top side and from the pop-up select the GB Settings option and then Other Mods after that Disable Voice Calls. Once you select that you will get three options:

  • Enable All Calls
  • Block Calls with Showing Ringing to Opp Person
  • Block Calls without Showing Ringing to Opp Person.

Select the one you want to do.

Block calls on GBWhatsApp

Is GBwhatsapp safe to use?

Yes, GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp+ Plus are two modded app for Android smartphone based on original WhatsApp and both can use without any fear of account ban.

Basically, stylesheet information in Android APK is not encrypted while the codes are encrypted. So, this moded app is using non-encrypted code to perform some customization on the interface and built-in feature of the WhatsApp. But your message sending and receiving still uses the original WhatsApp server, that is why the GBWhatsApp is fully secure.  But you should download it only from its official website.

We tried to explain all main features of this app but there are lots of other things which you can do such lock some particular chat, customize the header & chat color, custom bubbles for chats, custom ticks & colors, and lot more…

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If you have any questions or doubt regarding this moded Whatsapp APK file then please let us know, the comment box is all yours.



82 thoughts on “GBWhatsApp: Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick, Last Seen & More On WhatsApp”

  1. Does it overwrite whatsapp folder? Because i don’t want this app to use whatsapp folder. Is it possible? I don’t want this to disturb my current whatsapp. So does it create its own folder or use the original whatsapp folder?????

    • No, it not going to overwrite your original Whatsapp folder. It will create its own separate folder in the root directory with a name of GBWhatsApp

    • Hello Mr. Khan,

      Please try to update the GBwhatsapp to the latest version, may be due to some bug it won’t able to show others online status when you disabled yours…

    • You can uninstall the Whatsapp if you want but we recommend you to leave it on your phone may be in future you need it back…

  2. I installed GBwatsapp and when I verified my no. It started but then I opened my original watsapp n it says verify your no. Then I verified there but then I opened GBwatsapp then the sentence ‘verify your no.’ appears there.. Huh! What to do

    • At a given time you can use only one number with one WhatsApp. As GBwhatsapp is using the same server as your original WhatsApp does, so either you can use one number with Whatsapp or GBwhatsapp. If you want to use both at the same time then you need to activate both with different phone numbers. For example one number for WhatsApp and one for Gbwhatsapp.

  3. Hi Raj, I’m not able to receive messages on GB when I switch on the “Do not show double tick” option. Messages drop in only if I revert the option. Is there any way to fix this? Please help.

    • Please disable all other privacy options in the GBwhatsapp and only enable the double tick one. There is some bug in the app, when all the privacy options are enabled, sometimes; it not able to send or receive the messages… Also, make sure that you are using the up to date version of the GBwhatsapp or OG whatsapp.

  4. you might have an ideal weblog here! would you prefer to make some invite posts on my weblog?

  5. Hello. I don’t want to see other people’s blue ticks in my chat when I activate the “hide blue ticks” option. Anything I can do?

  6. How do I see other’s last seen status after I have freeze my last seen status on GB WhatsApp?

  7. Hi, I don’t want to see other people’s blue ticks… How to disable such as I can’t do it the traditional way? Thanks

      • Open the GB WhatsApp
        Go to three dots given on the right top corner…
        Tap on it.
        Select the Privacy and then Bluetick
        Select the – Hide for contacts
  8. CommHey how do I freeze my last seen in my GB WhatsApp and not seeing blue tick when I send text and receive plz help.

    • To Freeze you last seen, first go to WhatsApp settings->account->privacy and enable your last seen for everyone. After that go to GBwhatsapp privacy setting and hide your online status. This freezes your last seen…

      For Read reciept, please check your WhatsApp settings->account->privacy scroll down and check the box given at the front of Read receipts option.

      • I have a problem .. i just freeze my last seen .. but still I’m not able to see other people’s last seen …what should I do now ??

  9. I have hidden my online status but now I’m not able to see others last seen and online status.
    I want to see others last seen and online status without showing them mine.

  10. Hey quick question, I have the latest version of gb, but I don’t see an option to turn off my online status, the whole privacy thing that use to be where the three dots are is not there anymore what do I do??

  11. I am not able to see the hide online status option in version 7.55? It only says to freeze last seen. Any help?

  12. I want to hide the second tick on the v7.7 but the available option seems to not be working. Kindly advise

    • On GBwhatsapp, tap on the three dots given on the top right side of the app. An options menu will pop-up select the Privacy option and under which you find another option called Second Tick. When you select the Second Tick, it will further show two options one is Hide for contacts and another will be Hide for the group. Choose the first one to hide the second tick from the contacts and a second one for groups. Hope! this solves your problem.

  13. I have 7.65 so where are the settings? I see only GB settings which has things specific to GBWhatsApp but not the features on regular WhatsApp. Where do I find “Account”? Where do I find “Last Seen”? The options you show on the screen shots are not findable on GBWhatsApp 7.65 which I downloaded yesterday, so what is going on?

  14. Any way to show online status just for the person you are chatting with? If you have to turn it on when chatting with someone (it will seem strange to them if you are never showing as Online), that kind of defeats the purpose of having it.

    • Go to three dots given on the right side of the screen in Gbwhatsapp and from there select the GB settings option. Now scroll and select the Other Mods option where you will find another option called show Contacts Tab select that…

  15. When I hide my online status I am not able to see the online status of others…whatsy wrong it was fine before until I updated

  16. Hello Rajkumar,
    Your guidance is simply brilliant. Thanks very much. Much appreciated.
    Only one issue.
    Just like many of the questions/complaints above, when my online status is hidden I am unable to view the online status of others.
    I have tried all the methods you have advised in the comments above, but still no luck.
    Re-installed, and even tried with OG and Whats App Plus but still same.
    I download the latest version v.6.88 from
    Please help.

    • Yes, Michael… Now in GBwhatsApp this problem facing by everyone. It is the bug of the app and developers need to amend that.

  17. Hello,
    Like others, even I am facing this issue . If I freeze my last seen, I cannot see other’s last seen and even the online status of theirs. Also sometimes the messages are delayed.. I receive the messages the other day!

  18. Hello. Please I’d like to know how to deactivate myself from seeing the number of people that have viewed my status.. I could do it on the regular whatsapp, but here it pops up and the notification shows.. I want to be unable to see them.
    Thank you.

    • You cannot change the colour of unread messages. But yes the style is possible. Tap on the three dots given on the right top side and select option GB Settings. Scroll down and select option Other Mods and then Ticks style. Here you will get a couple of styles select the one you like.

    • Open your WhatsApp, Tap on the three given on the right top side and then tap on Privacy option. Tap on Show Online Status.

      Now go back and again tap on the same three dots but this time select the Settings option given in the last. Tap on Accounts->Privacy-> Last Seen-> Select Everyone.

  19. I want to hide my online status at the same time want to see the others online status………somebody help me .

  20. Pls I’m having problems going back to the normal whatsapp themes and not the GBwhatsapp themes. How can i change back to the normal whatsapp themes?

  21. Hi.My name is Cyril.Whe I’m updating /writing a status It keep on saying “SENDING…”Why?

    • It is because you might have enabled the hidden double tick or read receipts or status. Make all visible and then try to update status.

  22. Can I view someone status but he is unable to realise that I viewed on GB whatsapp

  23. GBWhatsApp is a comparative adaptation of WhatsApp, Has numerous new highlights, Enables you to utilize WhatsApp simpler, GBWhatsApp has an exceptional bundle name that mean you can introduce it with any WhatsApp form, And appreciate utilizing more than one number on same gadget, Also you can stow away online status, Blue ticks, and capacity to download any story, Also you can alter your very own topic or pick between in excess of 1000 topic, GBWhatsApp does not bolster dull mode totally, Only for the GBSettings yet don’t stress you can look on subjects library and you will discover a significant number of them give dim hues to you.

  24. Hey. Is there any way that I see the LAST SEEN of others on my GBWhatsApp but they donot see my last seen.

  25. Hi sir ji. Sir mera gb watsapp mene update kiya vo nhi chal raha h mene vo account delet krke dubara download kr rahi hu to nhi ho raha h baar baar “file is not open show ho raha h “kese thik kru kese kru dubara se download

  26. Is it possible to disable/hide double tick for unknown numbers (non contacts), and able for my contacts. I want to be completely invisible to all, accept my contacts. Block all messages and calls from unknown numbers just like i am not a whatsapp user. But everything as usual for the contacts. Is it possible

  27. Hello There, Somebody has hidden their last seen and also blueticks in gbwhatsapp. If I use the same gbwhatsaap, can I be able to see the blueticks and see if they are online too??

  28. Upgraded to GBWhatsApp Pro v-8.45.With the previous gb l was using l had muted a lot of statuses but now with Gb Pro l can’t find them. What can I do?

  29. Hi
    In new wtsap 8.45 version, i already ticked hide double tick for others. But when they will send message double tick is showing..
    Can u pls let us know wts wrong..

  30. hello sir.. iam using gb whatsapp for last 3 months but i can’t receive any call from the hide contact.. also I can’t get any notification that this hide person call me..

  31. I have the latest GB WhatsApp and I cannot see when people are online if I freeze mine? I’d like mine hidden but see theirs still

  32. I’m using gb whatsapp I have hidden the last seen and the problem is I can’t understand what are the blue ticks grey ticks and red ticks mean

  33. I am using gb the latest one but i cant view my contact status and they cant view my too as well when i have posted it, so pls can u help me solve this issue

  34. Please help me in hiding blue ticks for voice messages
    I want to listen the voice messages and don’t let know the sender that I have played their voice message


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