How to install Kruti Dev Font in Windows 11

Kruti Dev is a Hindi font used for typing in the Devanagari script in various applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and other document creation tools. By default Kruti Dev will not be there on the Windows system, therefore we need to install it manually to type and display Hindi text written using the Kruti Dev. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install the Kruti Dev font on a Windows 11 system.

Installing Kruti Dev Font on Windows 11

Step 1. Download the Kruti Dev Font

We can download the Kruti Dev online from various sources available on the internet. However, instead of going here and there, we can use the Microsoft Store to download an app that will offer all types of Hindi fonts in one place including Kruti Dev Font. So, either open the Microsoft store and search “All Hindi Fonts” or use this link.

Once you have the Application page opened in the Microsoft Store, click on the Download or Get button to install it.

Download the Kruti Dev Font

Step 2. Install the Kruti Dev Font on Windows 11

After installing the “All Hindi Fonts” application, open it and search for “Kruti Dev“, you will have multiple types of this font, click on the one you want and then again on the “Download font” button.

Search for Kruti Dev font

You will have a pop-up to save the Kurti Dev font you want. After having the font file on your Windows 11 system, click to open it and then hit the “Install” button to finally have the Kruti Dev font on your system.

Open Font TTF FIle on Windows 11
Installing Kruti Dev Font on Windows 11

Step 3: Using Kruti Dev Font

Now that Kruti Dev is installed, you can use it in your applications. For example, to use it in Microsoft Word or any other Text application, go to the Fonts area, from the font selection dropdown and search to select the Kruti Dev Font:

Add Kruti Dev to Microsoft Word

Step 4: Setting Up Hindi Keyboard (Optional)

To type in Hindi using the Kruti Dev font, you may need to set up a Hindi keyboard layout:

  1. Open Language Settings:
    • Press Win + I to open the Settings app.
    • Go to Time & Language > Language.
  2. Add a Language:
    • Click on Add a language.
    • Search for Hindi and select it.
    • Follow the prompts to install the Hindi language pack.
  3. Change Keyboard Layout:
    • Once the Hindi language pack is installed, you can switch between English and Hindi keyboard layouts by pressing Win + Space or using the language icon in the taskbar.


So, getting Kruti Dev font on Windows 11 is not a difficult process as you have seen. However, without Hindi word labels on your current QWERTY keyboard, it would be difficult for new users to type in Hindi, so it is recommended to buy a Hindi Devanagari keyboard.

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