How to open Microsoft Word and other Windows apps using a shortcut keys

If you mostly use Microsoft Word or other Microsoft Office tools, I am pretty sure you have placed a shortcut to open those programs in the most convenient locations of your Windows computer. Using the shortcut, you can almost instantly get into the program that you want to use, and start writing a new document, or edit an existing document right away. 

However, none of the shortcuts on your Windows computer is as good as using a shortcut key. Maybe it is some utility, some function, or an app or program, if you have a shortcut key, you can summon that tool, utility, or program, no matter what you are currently working with. That said, today I will talk about the shortcut keys to open some Microsoft Office apps or other essential Microsoft Windows tools.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the shortcut keys to open Microsoft Office apps, and other tools and apps on Microsoft Windows.

Exploring the shortcut keys

Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt: The hotkey opens the Microsoft Office productivity suite if it is installed on your system. Otherwise, will open up on the default web browser on your PC.

Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W: If you use the following shortcut key, you can instantly open Microsoft Word.

Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt+X: Using this shortcut you can get to the homepage of Microsoft Excel instantly.

Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P: Get started with your presentations anytime with Microsoft PowerPoint anytime using the following hotkey.

Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt+O: This hotkey will open the version of Microsoft Outlook that is installed on your PC.

Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N: Using the shortcut key, you can open the OneNote app on your computer.

Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L: This shortcut key will open the LinkedIn URL on your web browser. LinkedIn will open up on your default web browser.

Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D: The following hotkey will open the OneDrive root folder on Windows Explorer. If OneDrive is not properly installed on your PC, OneDrive will open up in the default web browser on your system.

Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T: The following hotkey will open Microsoft Teams on your Windows computer.

Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Y: The hotkey will open the Viva Engage URL on your default web browser, just like LinkedIn.

If any of the programs, say Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. are not installed on your PC, the web versions will open up on your web browser. For example, if you want to open Microsoft Word, the hotkey will open Word online, and Excel online will open if Microsoft Excel is not installed, and so on.

As you might have already understood, the Win+Ctrl+Shift+Alt key is the special key combination that enables your systems to open Microsoft Office or productivity apps. The key combination is present as a dedicated Office key in certain modern keyboards, like the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard, Microsoft Wired Ergonomic Keyboard, etc. This works like the dedicated Windows key present in almost all the keyboards compatible with Windows.

So, that’s all about how to open Microsoft Word and other popular Windows apps on your PC using a shortcut key.