How to run uTorrent without installing using portable app?

The use of uTorrent without installing, is only available for the Windows 10/8/7 operating system in the form of a uTorrent portable application, let’s how to use it.

uTorrent is a simple torrent file download program and indeed very popular too. It is a free application but shows ads within the app so basically, it is an adware. uTorrent developed by BitTorrent and available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. By default, it comes in the two forms of Classic uTorrent and uTorrent web. However, in both cases, we have to install uTorrent manually on our Windows 10/8/7 like any other application; thus if you want to install it without installing then this tutorial is for you. Here we are about to use uTorrent Portable app that you can copy in USB drive to use on any Windows 10/8/7/ running computer without installing uTorrent again and again to download torrents.

Run uTorrent without installing on Windows 10/8/7

Step 1: Download uTorrent Portable

To get the portable application of uTorrent for Windows 10/8/7, go to a website names For your convenience, here is the direct link to the page of the uTorrent app.

Download utorrent portable app

Step 2: Run the uTorrent Portable client

You will get an executable file that is basically a client to download the portable files. Double click on that and it will start downloading the files from the internet which we require to use uTorrent without installing it.

Run the portable uTorrent version on Windows 10

Step 3: Open the folder contains portable files

Now after following the above step, you will find a folder on your desktop with a name uTorrentPortable. Open that folder.

Step 4: Run uTorrent.exe file to run it without installing

In the folder, you will see the familiar green colour icon of uTorrent which is basically a portable exceutable file. Double click on that it will run uTorrent without installing it.

Run without installing

utorrent on windows 10 no need to install

Thus, whenever you want to run it use the executable file present inside the portable folder of uTorrent. Even you can copy it in a USB as told in the beginning to run the application on any Windows computer without downloading it again and again.

Furthermore, you can remove Ads from uTorrent and also know the way to create your own torrent file.