How to send messages and call numbers on Whatsapp without saving the contact

There isn’t any doubt about, how Whatsapp has changed the way we communicate with people. Keeping away the hassles of passwords and logins, Whatsapp is by far the first app, which comes to mind, while chatting with people after getting the mobile number. But the biggest problem with Whatsapp is, in order to get started chatting with a person, you need to save the number first, and it is only after that, you can initiate the conversation.

Though, if another person messages you on Whatsapp, you can give a reply to that conversation, and keep the conversation going on, without even saving the number. But, still, that is not the ultimate solution. Whatsapp being the most popular cross-platform messaging app, you might need to communicate with a person and send messages to a person only for a single time, and in such cases, the only way to get started with messaging the person is to save the number first. This is pretty annoying, as saving the number and then deleting it after use, involve a lot of hassles, which most people have to get into, without any option.

Whatsapp might introduce a feature to initiate a chat with people, without saving the number, in the future, but, it doesn’t make sense waiting for the update. But how to send messages on Whatsapp without saving a contact, at present! Is it possible? Yes, that is possible with a small piece of app, which is really handy to send one time messages to Whatsapp users without saving the number.

Without further delay, let’s find out the name of the app, and the way to start using. I will not elaborate the process of downloading the app, as if you are here, you must be knowing how to install an app from the Google Play Store.

How to send messages on Whatsapp without saving the contact number in ANdroid

How to send WhatsApp message without adding contacts in android

Step 1: Just download the ‘Quick Message’ app from the Play Store, or you can even download it from this link.

There are a number of other apps similar to Quick Message, but I prefer this, for offering a clean user interface, and some cool features, which are not found in the other apps, offering the same service.

Using the app

Step 2: Once the app is downloaded, open it. You will see the following screen.

send message on whatsapp without saving the number

Step 3: Just enter the country code, which is set to ‘91’ by default, for India, but you can change it any other country code, provided you know the code.

Step 4: Besides the country code option, just enter the mobile number, where you want to send the Whatsapp message.

Step 5: After entering the country code and mobile number, tap on the ‘Start conversation’ button to start chatting with that person on Whatsapp. Whatsapp will instantly open, to start a conversation with the person.

Start conversation on whatsapp without saving contact number on Android

Step 6: On the top left corner of the screen, you can tap, in order to chat with persons, whom you recently called. Just tap on any unknown number to start chatting with that person on Whatsapp, if the number is registered.

send Whatsapp mesaages to unsave contact number

Step 7: Just beside that, you can find the ‘Recent conversations’ button, which will show you the recent conversations on Whatsapp, initiated through the app.

how to send whatsapp message without saving phone number


Step 8: In the settings section, there is a ‘Copy number’ option, which can help you directly send a message, once a mobile number is copied to the clipboard. This is pretty handy indeed.

directly send a message

There are even some more options, which you can explore, by playing with the app for some time. Those options are not that important, and thus, I am not mentioning them here.

The only problem is that, once you enter a random number to chat on Whatsapp, the chat will be initiated, without checking, whether the number actually exists or not. Hope the issues will be resolved in the upcoming updates for the app, but the con is not a deal breaker though. The app does it work quite well, and you should download and start using it, if you send messages to people, once in your life, or do not want to save their numbers.

Calling numbers without saving in Whatsapp

Though the option to call numbers on Whatsapp from the app is not directly possible, but once you open the conversation, just tap on the call button to initiate a call with the number, without the need of saving it. You can both voice call and video call the person on the other end.

Calling numbers without saving in Whatsapp

Hope the small tutorial on how to send messages and call numbers on Whatsapp without saving, was helpful for you. Have any issues? Feel free to comment it down below.



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  1. Great article.I am using “WhatsUnsaved” app for this purpose which lets me use call logs and provides pre-saved messages including recent copied text for quick response.I am using it for my marketing purposes.I also found call rejection with whatsapp reply very useful.


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