How to View Deleted WhatsApp Chat Messages

WhatsApp remains one of the most popular social media apps out there, as it is the lifeline for most people. People use this tool for both their personal and professional staff. Now, do you know that you can view deleted messages on WhatsApp? If not, then just follow this very simple article and stay tuned till the end.

  • Long press the home screen and then click on ‘Widgets’.
  • Once the page opens, browse through the various icons and locate ‘Settings’.
  • Press and hold on to ‘Settings’.
  • Now, in the ‘Settings’ browse through the options and then click on the ‘Notification log’.
  • An icon of the ‘Notification log’ will now appear on your home screen, click and launch it.
  • Now, you just need to browse through it and select particular chats whose deleted messages you want to view.
  • Once you click on those chats, you can have a glance at all those deleted chats.

View Deleted WhatsApp Chat Messages


  • What is WhatsApp?

It is a trending social media app that enables us to send and receive text messages, pictures, gifs, videos, files, and much more with all your contacts. You can also place audio or a video call through it.

  • What is meant by a deleted message?

It was a new feature introduced by WhatsApp some time back. It lets you delete any message that you have sent to any of your particular contacts, provided he/she has not seen it yet, and once he/she opens your chat, he/she will no longer be able to view that very message.

  • Is this process limited only to WhatsApp?

No, you can view the deleted messages of various social media platforms using this method, like – WhatsApp. Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • Are there any threats or risks involved?

You are not downloading any third-party tool or giving any extra permission to any of your pre-existing tools, so, there are no such threats, this process is safe and secure.

  • Is this a paid process?

No, it is absolutely free.