8 Tips: How to Take Better Selfies

Selfies have become a part of popular culture whether you believe or not. From Barack Obama to Narendra Modi to Kim Kardashian, they all love to take selfies or self-portraits – usually taken with smartphones. So perhaps, now is the right time to get up and learn how to take better pictures of yourself while looking confident. Whether you want a great profile picture on Facebook, or just want to surprise your friends with your new look,  follow these tips for how to take the good selfies.

Tips To Take A better Selfie or Selfies

Front Facing Camera


The most important element in taking selfies to use a front facing camera of your smartphone. People often use rear camera to take self-portraits. Hey, listen! Just avoid using the back camera to take selfies. One should always use the front camera as it has been optimised to do just that.


Camera App 

camera app selfie

Most smartphones these days offer an editing tool within the camera app to help to achieve best-composed shots. And if your phone doesn’t have that feature built in, there are plenty of apps for that, try Photo Editor by Aviary (free) or YouCam Perfect (free).



background selfie

When taking selfies, make sure to choose a clear, good background. Always check your surroundings so you have an appropriate background;look for dark colored walls or any place without any clutter.


Right Angle

right_angle selfie

A lot of people do not consider the angle and end up taking nightmarish self-portraits. To avoid humiliation,  make sure to get all your different angles and sides. Some selfie expert says that holding the smartphone above your head and shooting down at a 45-degree angle will get you the best results.



lighting Selfies

Getting the lighting right can make all the difference. Natural light is, of course, the best. If you’re indoors, find a window to stand in front of and let the sunlight hit your face.




When taking a selfie, use the timer feature of your camera app.  Simply hold your camera up and angle to the desired position before enabling the timer. A use of the  timer will eliminate shakiness and your photos are less likely to be blurred.



The key to every great selfie is picking the right filter. You should know the filter for your skin tone. But on the other hand, if you’re not confident, ask yourself whether that’s really necessary. Anyway, you can always get a right selfie without tweaking contrast and saturation.


Selfies creativity

One of the best ways to take a right selfie is to look at your picture, don’t just look at the lens. In doing so, you will certainly get a bright and refreshing look. And yes, always try to be creative with your self-portraits.