A Quick Interaction with Blaupunkt Audio India CEO, Mr Sukhesh Madaan

Blaupunkt is a manufacturer, both in the electronics and software domain with German technology. It takes a lot of making our products and we give it all we have. To ensure quality and performance Blaupunkt starts with the best materials sourced from international manufacturers. Great technology needs great design. It is a relationship that makes both bigger than they are. Blaupunkt ensures design gets top priority. What’s happening in the market now, future trends, and the rest are monitored. These are clubbed with ergonomics, ease of use, and eco-friendly practices to ensure we deliver a range that is fantastic inside & out.

Blaupunkt Audio India CEO Mr Sukhesh Madaan
Mr Sukhesh Madaan, CEO Blaupunkt Audio India

In India, Blaupunkt has been handled by an experienced entrepreneur Mr. Sukesh Madaan. He is a serial entrepreneur and tech aficionado, he is the CEO of Blaupunkt Audio, India, and a member of the Board of Directors at Channelplay Limited since 2011. Sukesh is also the founder and CEO of Envent World Wide Private Limited.

The company holds several popular brands under its kitty including Blaupunkt Audio, which is a leader in the field of consumer electronics, and Thomson Audio, which develops and markets a range of audio products in the personal and home categories.

Prior to starting his own venture, Envent World Wide in 2011, he spent 16+ years on the corporate side across leading organizations like Jindal Photo Films (Fuji India), Microsoft, Intel, and Sony Ericsson name a few. Starting as a sales resource followed by Service Engineer, he then moved to Marketing, after which he led the department of Business Planning & Strategy at Sony Ericsson. Over the years he has been fortunate enough to have had exposure to different work cultures across the world including the American and Japanese cultures in addition to his home nation, India.

Having work exposure across different professional streams such as Sales, Servicing, Marketing and Business Strategy is what gave him a holistic understanding of the various aspects of a business and helped him in building and being at the helm of the organization from day one. It is this combination that has contributed to his being a serial entrepreneur.

In a quick email interaction with Mr. Sukhesh Madaan, we got to know more about the company.

Blaupunkt Audio is still one of the relatively lesser-known audio brands in India but is exceptionally popular in the global market. Can you discuss what is being done to stand out from the crowd in India specifically?

Blaupunkt is an Iconic German brand with over 124 years of technology development and innovation in the audio industry. For producing high-end personal and home audio equipment, it is well-known worldwide. It has a long history in India & automotive audio sector and has established a reputation for itself over the years. In order to satisfy local preferences and expectations, Blaupunkt has tailored and improved its offering for India. Richer bass, more features, more modern designs, and more robust construction.

These improvements were created following extensive field testing and study. Blaupunkt has considered the price points in addition to the actual items while keeping in mind its consumer bases. Blaupunkt has made sure that all of its pricing points consistently provide superior value for money in order to cater to all market groups.


BTW07 ANC is one of the latest Earpods launched by the brand. What are some of the key USPs of the product? Also, what is the target audience in the Indian market?

One of Blaupunkt & premier offerings is the new BTW07 ANC Moksha. These earbuds offer a variety of other cutting-edge capabilities in addition to the most recent ANC technology. This ANC technology is referred to as Moksha Mode by Blaupunkt. It was developed after extensive research and development and performs better than comparable products in the market.

Other interesting features are available in addition to improved ANC technology. TurboVolt makes charging happen more quickly. Additionally, TWS offers the benefit of creating both master buds. There are too many additional features to go into detail here. Longer playtime, sweat and dust resistance, and a Type C charging connection are a few examples.

How does Blaupunkt plan to thrive in the cut-throat market competition which is dominated by companies such as Skullcandy, Boat, JBL, Realme, Oppo, and others? What new products can we expect from Blaupunkt Audio for this year?

Every day, new brands enter the competitive Indian market. Skullcandy, Boat, JBL, RealMe, Oppo, and a few others currently control the industry. However, buyers are constantly on the lookout for better goods with higher value. Blaupunkt has observed that consumers don’t simply want to be inexpensive. People choose products based on brand value, technology, durability, and a lot of flash value. And this is what it delivers.

In terms of TWS Tech, this is currently the accepted norm among customers. People are aware of the advantages and benefits of this technology, which is one generation ahead. One of the innovators in this field, Blaupunkt has produced a wide range of earbuds, speakers, and other items with this technology.


What new products can we expect from Blaupunkt Audio for this year?

Blaupunkt has a number of intriguing goods planned for new launches. It will be very thrilling over the coming months to see a brand-new variety of earbuds, one of which will feature an extremely expensive version of ANC. A 5.1 Dolby Soundbar is also available, which will establish a new category in this market.

Additionally, Bluetooth speakers, neckbands, and other accessories are already on the launch pad. Each of these goods offers something unique and cutting-edge. Additionally, customers will witness the impact of German engineering superiority. Watch this space as the countdown has started.