An Exclusive interview with Mr Amol Roy, Founder ShutterCast

ShutterCast employs 20 people and generates revenues of USD 150K. The company has an elite list of clients. All the technology used by The Shutter Cast has been developed internally. The firm has an edge because it works so transparently. For instance, competitors often ask businesses to pay as much as 80K to open an Amazon Web Services account when such an account can be acquired for free. Every transaction with The Shutter Cast is fully transparent and businesses know this. As a result, there is considerable positive word of mouth circulating about The Shutter Cast

The idea of TheShutterCast came to Mr. Roy’s mind when he paid a company INR 35K to build a website. Unhappy with their work, Amol decided to learn how to design websites. While learning how to design sites, the idea to create The Shutter Cast took hold, and the company was born. The company was founded with a vision to provide high-quality and transparent work in the digital marketing domain.

Mr. Amol Roy founder of TheShutterCast min

Mr. Amol Roy is the founder of The Shutter Cast, a digital marketing agency. At the company, he manages the core team, cultivates relationships with clients, generates new business, ideates, and develops crucial technologies. He has considerable expertise in augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, filming, digital marketing, and video editing. Amol’s familiarity with such a wide range of technologies led him to start a venture where he could capitalize on his talents.



To know more about this startup and how Mr. Amol Roy is taking its wings to the next level, we recently have an interaction. Where we got to know about different trends of the industry, the company’s strategies, and future planning, here is a glimpse of that.

What makes TheshutterCast different from other websites/App development and digital marketing companies?

Our approach is innovative and personalized as per our client’s business and ethos. We are different from others in this segment as we keep our clients at the center of everything we create. Our approach to website/app development and digital marketing is unique to each client’s requirement and we believe in creating personalized content. Our aim is to maintain a high standard of work and ensure that we produce the best quality as per customer expectations.

We are committed to making our clients excel and this model has worked immaculately for us and contributed considerably to our business. Over the past few months, we have been growing organically, primarily due to client referrals. I believe that is a clear win.

Most of the businesses adopting quick solutions such as WordPress and Joomla, how ThesutterCast could help them?

We recommend these technologies to the firms that do not require extensive customization for multiple reasons, design, segment, or offering wise. These are easier, cost-efficient, and can be managed by the customers themselves. We have set plans for customers who are willing to use these technologies. WordPress is a very powerful platform and many companies are currently using WordPress.

What a business should keep in mind before approaching any App developing entity?

Many businesses and startups are not evolved enough but need Applications and websites in order to create credibility and add reach. The thing that they need foremost is to have good market research. There are companies out there charging you something lesser expensive for an app but will ask for a lot of small payments for other things down the line. Remember to check and do a little market research before selecting one. Saving costs should be the motive but a company should be careful about how they will be represented. Ask for all the hidden expenses at the beginning of the contract. Additionally, understanding your need is important; one must know what kind of website or App they need or would be ideal for business. Having clarity on your needs helps the creator understand the requirement better.

What are the changes and trends are you seeing in Digital marketing amid COVID-19?

The changes and trends that we see are that digital marketing is now more focused and cost-efficient. We are also seeing a lot of shift in the industry towards micro-influencers.

What is the future of digital marketing in India?

The Digital Marketing industry is worth $68 billion and is growing at a 40% growth rate. With the increase in internet users and organizations promoting their content through social media and with 40% of today’s businesses depend entirely on digital marketing and it is estimated that more than 90% of businesses will go digital.

Digital transformation has definitely changed dynamics for various segments over the past years, I foresee the need for digital marketing goes higher than it ever was. Now even the local Kirana stores are going digital, it is definitely a huge shift not just for business but the consumer as well.

How the innovative website design and development has helped SMEs grow?

I believe, Innovation and creativity should be at the core of anything. We as a company had to understand that website and app is just a medium through which we can connect the product to the consumer. So we curate our services the way where customer’s products/services stay in the focus and the technology is just a tool which it was meant to be.

What are your future plans?

I personally believe in exploring as much as possible and venturing into newer spaces. As of now, we have planned our path ahead and after intense reviews and market research, we created a pipeline to enter into other domains by the end of 2020. A few of our business plans are already in the execution zone and ready for rolling out like our vlog ‘Shutter&Voyages’.

We are also venturing into a custom PC company where we will cater to all the PC enthusiasts out there. We have just started a podcast by the name Theshuttercast to talk about everything behind the scenes of the company, the life of our team members, our youtube channel.