More than 200K users across India are using Bitdefender solution: Mr. Zakir Hussain, Director, BD Soft

Each person who uses a computer or smartphone devices is enough acquainted with the word “Antivirus”; means a software that can remove the Virus threats. But, does the security threats are only limited to viruses or some personal computer? Absolutely NO. In the 21st century, where everything is digital or about to become digital; in such situations, the situation could be worse, because most of the things around us connected to the Internet which is not a fully safe place, until you not take some steps to confined its boundaries and encroachment in your personal life. So, to make an Internet a better and safe place, the Antivirus software should be in your top priorities. These software are enough mature now to protect us from hackers and other security vulnerabilities flowing in the outside world. Out of such software, the BitDefender is one. The Bitdefender is a Romanian cybersecurity, and anti-virus software company that providing security services since 2001.

In India, the BD Soft is a Country Partner of Bitdefender, one of the leading security solutions and BD Software also distributes End Point Protector (DLP solutions) from CoCosys, Storage Craft (Disaster Recovery), Abbyy (FineReader)

Their Background and technical strength and partner network across the country enables them to lead some of the best practices in challenging and complex IT security environments.

When we had an interaction with Mr. Zakir Hussain, Director at BD Soft, he gave us the detailed account of the company’s business, future plans etc.

Mr. Zakir Hussain, Director, BD Soft

1) Please tell us more about BD Soft: BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd

(BD Software) is a value-added IT security distributor offering industry-leading enterprise-level, SMB & consumer solutions in the Indian market

Together with our channel partners, we focus on bridging the most comprehensive protection from malware and cyber threats to government and educational organizations, businesses and consumers. Our background, technical strength and partner network across the country enables us to lead some of the best practices in challenging and complex IT security environments.

Incorporated in June 2016, BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. Have more than 35 employees across India and are growing rapidly to cover the entire India region. More than 200,000 users across India are using Bitdefender solution and this growth has come in fast due to the excellent technical customer support and proper channel policy.


2) How has BD Soft’s journey in Indian market been so far?

We have completed 2 years and 2 financial years too. The growth has been fast and dramatic. We have got good support from the reseller community and the solutions are being accepted by consumers, SMB & enterprise. We have developed a good client base over multiple verticals like government, semi-government, Corporates, Universities & Colleges, consumer base is increasing rapidly and we have been successful in bringing good cybersecurity solutions like DLP & MDM in the Indian market. We are looking forward to growing with pace in the coming year of 2019.

3) Being a distributor, what are the challenges faced by BD Software?

Covering the India territory is always a challenge for every distributor. With every different region, state or city the choice of customers and the type of resellers’ changes, their buying patterns and technical level are different. So as we grow in the different part of the country we need to adapt to the reseller community as well as marketing methods need to be different too. Recruiting sales and technical manpower is also a challenge we have faced in certain areas of the country. But we believe that with constant efforts of our team members, we are able to face the challenges and overcome them to create a space for ourselves in the market. With GST, things are now easier to do business across cities.

4) Which all products/ Solutions does the company have in its extensive portfolio for IT Industry?

BD Software was appointed as Country Partner for one of the top brands in endpoint security & antivirus industry worldwide, Bitdefender. This is an exclusive strategic tie-up.  Once the Bitdefender brand was established, BD Software became distributors for End Point Protector (DLP solutions) from CoCosys, Storage Craft (Disaster Recovery), Proget (MDM solutions), Abbyy (Fine Reader), so that a complete security solution can be offered to the customers via our reseller base across the country.

5) What is the Network expansion plan in near future?

We are looking to appoint distributors for the consumer products in all state and cities of India. We have a 2 tier distribution policy. Currently we have more than 15 distributors and will appoint 10 more soon. For our SMB and Enterprise solution we work directly with SI partners in every region. We currently work with more than 100 SI partners across India and we look to appoint 100 more SI partners in the coming months to enable us to reach to the enterprise with our complete security portfolio and offerings. We run attractive schemes every quarter for our partners and consumers alike and till date have successfully completed and executed 4 out of the country tour schemes and Gold coin scheme. We are now engaging with top corporates and generating leads for our partners and helping them to offer our solutions to their existing clients and new clients too.  We hope that by the end of 2019, we would have a presence in all states of the country.

6) Currently what is the level and impact of cyber risks to the business?

Organizations are increasingly dependent on digital processes to run their business and despite their security investments, continue to suffer major service failures and liability-related losses due to cyber-attacks.

Current security processes and technologies mostly address compliance requirements, which are critical in defining minimum security standards, but are not enough to protect organizations from ever-evolving cyber threats. Compliance-focused security also tends to be highly inefficient, which can waste resources and limit the organization’s ability to focus on the most critical exposures.

Operational technology, IT, the Internet of Things and physical security technologies have growing interdependencies that require a risk-based approach to governance and management.

Most organizations are not equipped for a risk-based approach to cybersecurity governance and management, as they do not have common methods in place to quantify and manage cyber business risk across the various stakeholders (board, executives, operations, IT).

7) Explain us the growth of BD Soft in IT Industry so far?

We have 2 successful financial years till now and we are heading for a exciting 3rd year finish. We have got good support from the channel fraternity and our partners are excited about the solution we are bringing in and that’s sounds good enough for us. Overall, we have got our feet firmly on ground and now look to stride faster.

8) What’s your road map or strategy for the year 2019?

Spreading across the country, increasing our reseller connect, increasing our distribution network, Appointing staff across various states, Increasing our corporate & government customer base and successfully spreading our solutions and services across the partner community. We look forward to double our financial turnover in 2019.

11) Please describe why your current line of products is a good match for your Company?

We have our products strategically placed for a corporate customer. To start every computer requires a antivirus /endpoint security solution, DLP (data leak prevention) is required to protect company data from going out and almost every company has a plan to deploy a DLP solution, MDM are required as companies follow BYOD policies or provide the salesforce with devices for daily work, Disaster recovery in case of data loss and security for your documents when changing their formats from PDF etc. We have a solution for the entire cycle and we feel it will be accepted well by our resellers and customers alike.