Interaction with Mr Shaad Rehman, CEO and Founder,

Phixman offers repairs and services for smartphones, tablets, and laptops of all major brands, including Apple and Samsung. They claim to guarantee 24-hour repair with a warranty, home pickup of gadget and data safety. They claim payment only if the customer is satisfied.

Mr Shaad Rehman, CEO and Founder,, started his compnay in 2015 with a vision to mitigate the hassle of gadgets repairing problems.  And now, Phixman has 50 franchise stores PAN India, including Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar, Telangana, and Madhya Pradesh.

Mr Shaad Rehman, CEO and Founder, Phixman
Mr Shaad Rehman, CEO and Founder,

Well, to know more about the compnay, recently we had an email interaction with him and let’s have a look at what we got to know.

What is the motivation behind starting Phixman to offer after-sales support for electronic gadgets, after working as a Senior Manager in a glass manufacturing company?

Yes, I did work as a Senior Manager in a glass manufacturing company, but initially, I realized that it’s not the field I want to work in, so I decided to switch and fulfil my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The basic motivation behind opening this company was basically my observation of people who were dependent on Gadgets. Everyone is dependent on gadgets for some or the other thing whether it is phones or laptops or tablets. Once the gadget gets a problem or stops working its tends to stop the life of people somehow and force them to struggle for a repair option which will not lead to data loss. So I thought I should enter this field and set a platform for all the gadget users to provide a one-stop solution without any fear of data loss.

Can you please tell me about the story of your startup in a nutshell from day one?

The concept behind the inception of Phixman came with my personal experience and an approach to solving bigger problems of this particular industry with the latest technologies available worldwide. As today people have become dependent on gadgets like laptop and mobile, all of their data is stored in that so we make sure that their data is secure and is in safe hands. We majorly focus on enhanced customer experience. Phixman is one of its own kind ideas because users are free to shop services online and experience great hospitality at Phixman offline stores nationally. We wanted the services to differ from the crowd; hence we came up with the idea of repair service that reaches you rather than asking you to reach us.

How challenging was it to get started with this venture, and make your dream of starting your company come true?

We believe, facing challenges is the way to premium success. Whenever we start a business we face a lot of challenges like funding, hiring technicians, competition and giving the best service. Likewise, we also faced a lot of challenges while starting up the business and due to our commitment and focus; we succeeded in overcoming the challenges and establishing a business. Being a service sector business, our aim is to provide the best manpower and services to the clients. It requires a lot of technical knowledge in repairing business so we had to hire the best repairing engineers. We overcame all our loopholes and established this business.

After-sales service in electronic gadgets is a radical aspect, and most users are quite concerned about it, as well. How exactly you and your company deal with offering a 24-hour service guarantee, for products that are not very popular, and when there is a lot of pressure, and that too at a very reasonable cost?

Phixman works with AI-based time management service platform that helps the technical team to accomplish the task in defined timings. At Phixman we understand that your gadget is highly valuable to you basically a lifeline so we try to be on our 24-hour repair policy or we assign you a similar smartphone to you which could be used for the time of service. For the product that are not very popular, we have our data and volumetric inventories at every location to solve the issues that come generally. Taking about a percentage Phixman has 90% delivery rates within 24 hours of pickup for 80% of all the gadgets including smartphone and tablet.

Do you have any future plans to offer extended warranty for electronic gadgets, or insurance, so that customers can get after-sales support for some time from Phixman after the brand warranty is over?

We already have a service of extended warranty and insurance for electronic gadgets. As we also deal in refurbished phones so we offer valid warranties and offers on the same as well. We provide after-sales support to all our customers for all the gadgets sold.

Smartphones are quite affordable today, at least in India, thanks to numerous relaxations given to smartphone manufacturers, and the Make in India project where smartphones of several brands are assembled in India. At the same time, some companies offer smartphones at very affordable prices, however, they are notorious in making excuses to not provide after-sales support. What do you have to say about such companies? Can such companies flourish in the long run, if they don’t improve their after-sales support?

Any company that doesn’t care about the after-sales services will have a bad impression on the market. The company should be always focusing on the product development and customer service part especially in the gadget market. Team Phixman has identified this issue and is working on helping many brands with their after-sales services. Phixman will be supporting many international and national level brands as their service partner so these brands can only work on their development and growth. Soon we are about to launch our Application both on IOS and Android with a variety of extended gadgets on it.

What is the motivation behind the name Phixman? Does it bear any significance, or just because the name sounds cool?

The inspiration behind the name Phixman is that when we started this company, superheroes were in trend like Spiderman, superman so we thought to give our company a concept and name which was in trend. So the motivation behind this name Phixman is to make our clients believe that Phixman is a real superhero in terms of mobile and gadget repairing.

How do you and your team deal with customers, who aren’t happy with the service? What are the tactics?

Fortunately, we don’t have to deal with unhappy customers much; generally, the customers of Phixman are happy but exceptions are always there. If we feel that some customer is unhappy we do try to compensate them according to their loss.

Do you have future plans to expand your business in other countries? Do you have any plans to venture out in other domains?

We do aim to expand our business in India and abroad. We have in total of 75 stores in PAN India and are planning to open stores in Nepal and China. In total, we have the aim of opening 400 stores in India and abroad.

Phixman is a successful startup. Can you say some words for the success of the upcoming startups?

Phixman is definitely a successful startup these days but I believe there is an initial struggle which is the same for every company. I would like to advise the startups to choose the correct target audience and the right platform. The second and most important advice will be that the owners should not give up at the struggling period as the company grown with time and gradually creates its presence in the market.