Interview with Mr. Nihar Sripad Madkaiker, the Co-Founder of iXR Labs

In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of speaking with Mr. Nihar Sripad Madkaiker, the Co-Founder of iXR Labs, a leading-edge Edtech start-up. With his visionary leadership and expertise in immersive technologies, Mr. Madkaiker has been doing hard work in revolutionizing the field of education by leveraging Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), 3D, and Gamification.

As a technophile and enterprising innovator, Mr. Madkaiker founded iXR Labs in 2020 with the aim of enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of higher education. “iXR Labs” uses cutting-edge technology in higher education, offering immersive experiences in various engineering branches such as civil, chemical, mechanical, and electrical.

During the interview, Mr. Madkaiker shares his insights into the transformative power of immersive technologies in education. He delves into the ways iXR Labs is leveraging VR, AR, MR, and Gamification to create realistic and captivating learning environments. With a keen understanding of the needs of educational institutes and corporates, Mr. Madkaiker discusses how iXR Labs collaborates closely with them to develop practical use cases and achieve high-quality results.

Mr. Nihar Sripad Madkaiker, Co Founder, iXRLabs
Mr. Nihar Sripad Madkaiker, Co Founder, iXRLabs

Moreover, Mr. Madkaiker provides valuable insights into his personal journey as an entrepreneur and his dedication to improving education using modern and cutting-edge technology. With over ten years of expertise in the field of Edtech, he has become a self-made expert in virtual and extended reality, specializing in immersive storytelling through VR.

Beyond his work with iXR Labs, Mr. Madkaiker has been actively involved in various social initiatives, aiming to make a positive impact on society. This interview offers a unique opportunity to gain deep insights into the mind of Mr. Nihar Sripad Madkaiker.

Let’s explore the future of immersive technologies in education and the inspiring journey of Mr. Madkaiker as an entrepreneur and advocate for transforming the education landscape.

Q1. Give an overview of what iXRLabs is and what is its focus.

iXRLabs is a VR-ed-tech startup that caters to higher education. Our interactive and immersive VR modules are designed to complement traditional classroom education and provide students with unique opportunities to expand their knowledge. iXRLABS’ learning solutions align with the AICTE-approved academic curriculum, mainly in the core engineering discipline such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

The main focus of iXRLabs is to improve the quality of education in India. We aim to achieve this by offering students interactive and engaging learning experiences that enhance traditional classroom learning methods. iXRLabs’ cutting-edge approach to education has the potential to make a lasting impact on the future leaders of tomorrow.

Q2. What types of technology do iXRLabs use to enhance higher education?

At iXRLabs, we primarily utilize virtual reality technology as the foundation of our platform. Our flagship product, the iXRLabs VR platform, offers a wide range of engineering modules that are both interactive and virtual in nature.

Through VR technology, we have created immersive and realistic engineering simulations that enable students to engage with engineering concepts in a whole new way. Our interactive modules provide hands-on experiences where students can manipulate virtual objects, explore complex systems, and conduct experiments within a virtual environment.

By leveraging VR technology, we aim to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. Our platform empowers students and professionals to gain valuable engineering skills through interactive simulations, ultimately enhancing their understanding and competency in the field. With the iXRLabs VR platform, students can delve into a world where they can visualize and interact with engineering concepts, making learning engaging, dynamic, and memorable.

Q3. What fields of study do iXRLabs offer immersive experiences in?

At iXR Labs, the world of engineering, medical, and science education is brought to life with immersive experiences. With its exceptional immersive experiences, iXR Labs stands out amongst its peers in higher education. Students can embark on a journey that brings complex machinery and structures to life, in a simulated environment that is both tangible and interactive.

From mechanical to civil and electrical engineering, iXR Labs offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to see, touch, and experience the intricacies of engineering. The practical, hands-on experience offered by iXR Labs is an excellent way for students to develop their understanding of engineering concepts and acquire the practical skills needed for success in the field.

Q4. What platforms can students access iXRLabs on?

iXRLabs truly believes in providing a range of options for students to access cutting-edge technology. As of now, students can engage in iXRLabs’ innovative modules through the Web content platform and VR device.

Q5. How do iXRLabs benefit graduate students in engineering, medical, sciences, and architecture?

iXR Labs provides an excellent opportunity for graduate students in engineering, medical, sciences, and architecture to gain the experience, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed in their chosen fields. We believe that these students require hands-on experience to develop their skills and advance in their careers, and iXR Labs offers a unique opportunity for them to immerse themselves in the world of immersive technology.

The state-of-the-art facilities at iXR Labs allow graduate students to engage in practical, real-world projects that simulate real-life scenarios. This approach helps students gain the necessary experience and knowledge to succeed in their chosen fields. Along with this, iXRLabs offer cutting-edge technology that is essential for students to keep pace with the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Q6. What kind of educational content has iXRLabs produced since its inception?

iXRLabs has created various VR educational modules in different fields of science including engineering and medical. The modules offered by iXRLabs are designed to provide students with hands-on experience in real-world engineering environments, helping them to gain a better understanding of the concepts and theories they have learned in the classroom.

iXRLabs offers several key modules, including industrial tours, machinery visualization, and experiments, that provide students with practical experience in engineering. For example, industrial tours allow students to visit manufacturing plants, construction sites, or other facilities to observe engineering principles in action, while machinery modules give students a familiarisation with complex equipment and experiments providing students a heightened presence of performing rare experiments at ease.

Q7. What institutions and organizations have iXRLabs worked with?

iXR Labs has worked with various institutions and organizations, collaborating with top colleges across the country to help build VR solutions for higher education. For example, our recent collaboration with iVARLabs at IIT Kharagpur to promote VR for higher education. In addition, iXR Labs has conducted trials and tests of their products by developing them in colleges and universities across Rajasthan.

Through its partnerships with top colleges and educational institutions, iXR Labs has been able to leverage its expertise and knowledge to create immersive and innovative VR solutions that benefit students and educators alike. As they continue to expand their collaborations and partnerships, iXR Labs is poised to play a crucial role in transforming the education sector through immersive technology.

Q8. What are iXRLabs’ plans for the future?

iXRLabs’ plans for the future include building a robust VR ecosystem that will enable educators and students to create VR content using the latest engines and hardware. This move is in response to the growing demand for VR technology and the need for skilled employees who are familiar with its use.

The company aims to provide educators with the tools and resources they need to incorporate VR into their teaching and learning processes effectively. This includes training sessions, workshops, and seminars that will teach educators how to use VR technology in the classroom to enhance student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

In addition to educating educators, iXRLabs also plans to train students in VR development. By teaching students how to create VR content, the company hopes to create a pipeline of skilled employees who can meet the growing demand for VR technology in industries such as healthcare, education, entertainment, and more.

Q9. How does iXRLabs aim to transform professional education delivery?

iXRLabs aims to transform professional education delivery by leveraging virtual reality (VR) technology to create immersive and engaging learning experiences. The company’s approach is based on the belief that experiential learning is more effective than traditional classroom-based instruction, and that virtual reality (VR) technology can help bridge the gap between theory and practice.

One way that iXRLabs aims to transform professional education delivery is by creating customized VR experiences that simulate real-world scenarios. These experiences allow students to practice and apply their skills in a safe and controlled environment, helping to build confidence and proficiency. For example, students studying engineering can use VR to simulate building designs and test their functionality before construction begins.

In addition, iXRLabs aims to transform professional education delivery by making education more accessible and affordable. By using VR/AR technology, the company can create remote learning experiences that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need for students to physically attend classes.

Furthermore, iXRLabs is working to transform professional education delivery by partnering with industry experts and employers to ensure that their VR experiences are relevant to the skills and knowledge required in the workforce. This approach helps to ensure that students are prepared for the demands of their future careers and that employers have access to a pipeline of skilled workers.

Overall, iXRLabs aims to transform professional education delivery by creating immersive and engaging learning experiences that are accessible, affordable, and relevant to the demands of the workforce.