StoreHippo aims to be the #1 ecommerce solution provider: Mr.Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal, CEO and Co-Founder of StoreHippo

StoreHippo is an enterprise-grade SaaS-based e-commerce platform that offers turn-key e-commerce solutions to B2B, B2C businesses of all sizes. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) platform enables high-volume enterprise businesses to go-to-market in a fraction of time as compared to legacy software. Launched in 2014, StoreHippo has enterprise customers in 20+ countries and 35+ business verticals.

StoreHippo is the pioneer in mobile commerce and the first SaaS eCommerce platform to adapt a headless web app architecture. It is designed to give brands a strong Omnichannel presence, better user experience, and higher sale conversions across digital touchpoints.

StoreHippo’s highly flexible service-oriented architecture, powered by AI and automation, gives businesses the ability to implement diverse B2B, B2C, and B2B2C business models in no time.

To know more about the company and its strategies, we had an interaction with Mr. Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal, the co-founder, and CEO of the SaaS Ecommerce Platform StoreHippo.

Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal CEO Co Founder StoreHippo Profile photo
Mr. Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal CEO & Co-Founder -StoreHippo

Mr. Kumar is an industry veteran and highly skilled technologist with 20+ years of strong experience in Internet Technologies and E-Commerce. He is a results-oriented person with a remarkable capacity for innovation that has prompted path-breaking changes in the E-commerce software industry. Rajiv founded StoreHippo in 2014 with the vision to build a global SaaS product based out of India. With customers in 20+ countries and 35+ business verticals, StoreHippo is now a global brand and industry leader in B2B and B2C eCommerce.

Prior to founding StoreHippo, Rajiv worked as CEO of Manusis Technologies and was instrumental in several technology products including GDGT, ClassPass, DesignByHumans, RCRDLBL. During his career, Rajiv has held technology leadership roles in multiple global technology companies including Oracle, E*Trade, STMicroelectronics, HCL to name a few.



How did the idea of starting StoreHippo emerge and what inspired you for the same?

The idea of starting StoreHippo emerged from the lack of solutions available in the market to offer a mobile-ready solution for etailers. In 2013, we were looking at the way trends were shaping and how mobile commerce was going to be humongous, sadly there was no software or eCommerce platform that could help the businesses tap the huge potential. This gap prompted me to build StoreHippo to offer a one-stop solution for going online, whatever be the size of the business.

How is StoreHippo different from other solutions such as PrestaShop, Shopify, and Magento?

StoreHippo offers native solutions for all the important basic and advanced features needed for an eCommerce setup. Unlike PrestaShop, Shopify, and Magento, StoreHippo offers a multi-vendor marketplace, multi-storefronts managed by the common admin, or a truly global multilingual online store out-of-box. StoreHippo has a host of enterprise-grade features to help brands build their omnichannel presence.

If someone wants to migrate its existing eCommerce store to ShopHippo, how smooth the process would be?

Migrating to StoreHippo is very easy. Our team has the expertise to handle the migration from any of the other platforms or legacy software. StoreHippo DIY platform is simple and easy to use and offers future-ready technology suited for fast-growing businesses. We reduce the migration hiccups, offer minimum to no downtime and the intuitive platform offers a smooth learning curve.

How scalable is the store built on StoreHippo, can a business meet the demands like Amazon and Flipkart using your platform?

StoreHippo is inherently scalable and flexible to meet the demands of any business with millions of pages, products, or visitors. Yes with StoreHippo you can scale to the level of Amazon, Flipkart, and beyond. StoreHippo is designed as a horizontally scalable platform with performance and scalability as one of the key design goals

Security and Hacking are the growing online challenges, how secure is the data of customers on StoreHippo?

The architecture is designed in a way that it mitigates common and advanced cyber threats and attacks. We also offer free SSL to all the stores built on our platform to make the business secure right from the first day. StoreHippo also follows all the security and compliance protocols. All payment channels integrated with our platform follow the PCI DSS compliance making your customers’ transactions completely secure.

What is your future roadmap for StoreHippo?

We are offering brands and enterprise businesses the most comprehensive solution to go online in a fraction of time compared to legacy software. StoreHippo aims to be the #1 solution provider for enterprise brands looking for future-ready solutions for eCommerce 4.0.

To make a store unique, how flexible and customizable the products of StoreHippo are?

StoreHippo platform can be tweaked inside out to adapt to the unique requirements of an online store. You can easily tweak the backend by extending existing entities or creating new ones. Our themes are also completely customizable and we have drag and drop tools that can be used by anyone.

In today’s pandemic situation, lots of people want to start something of their own.

Would you please like to give some tips to such aspirants…

The pandemic has given us reasons to sit and think and find opportunities amid the chaos. So all the aspirants who are looking to do something should try to find order amid the chaos and work to build solutions to make lives easier. It could be anything, with the population density and demographics as diverse as India, so much is possible. One just needs to think out of the box and leverage technology to build solutions that are for the greater good of all.