Rajat Kapoor’s crowdfunding story motivates Riya Mukherjee to take the crowdfunding route to fund her debut short film “The Disguise”

Former Executive Vice President and National Creative Head, Radio Mirchi Riya Mukherjee has opted to raise funds through crowdfunding for financing her short film The Disguise – her debut venture in filmmaking.

Riya Mukherjee, a well-known music and radio consultant, founder of Riya Mukherjee Word Pictures, and the former National Creative Head of Radio Mirchi, has stepped into the world of filmmaking with her first short film -The Disguise, an issue-based film on growing cultural intolerance issue across the globe. To finance her maiden venture, Riya has collaborated with Crowdera – the free global crowdfunding and fundraising platform. She has received INR 1.9 million funded for her film project and is targeting Rs. 33,00,000 for the first phase of her film’s production.

The Disguise

Talking about her collaboration with Crowdera, Riya Mukherjee said,“I discovered Crowdera when actor Rajat Kapoor ran a campaign on this platform for raising funds for his film. I find Crowdera to be very flexible and convenient; they don’t ask you to sell your idea to them nor do they charge any fee or commission. They allow you to change your target and extend your deadlines and let you keep whatever you’ve collected. For a first-time producer like me, all these were huge benefits. Crowdera has shown great ownership for my campaign and their support is impeccable. ”.

“There were also times when I asked for some changes on their site at a product level and to my surprise, they evaluated my request and actually accepted it. This sort of flexibility, adaptability, and humility is so rare. The Crowdera team genuinely cares about the ventures; their fund raisers are so passionate about making a campaign successful,” added Riya.

Commenting on her film, Riya said, “I am happy and excited to kick start my new endeavour in Filmmaking. The Disguise, which is my script and production venture, is a short film, an intimate personal story of two women living in London, and the impact on their lives due to the growing cultural intolerance across the globe. After 23 years in radio, broadcasting and music programming, my footprint in the audio-video medium hopefully would be the turning point of my life.”

On yet another collaboration with a filmmaker, Chet Jain, C.E.O Founder,Crowdera said,“Being a mass medium, cinema has the capability to address and amplify a message beyond imagination. Crowdera as a platform and I on a personal level feel deeply elated when a campaign for creating a film comes across on the platform. Crowdera is helping people making their dreams come true and transforming their vision into reality. I wish Riya huge success for her campaign.”