How to Make Money on your Website?

In this digital era, making money by a website is not a far-fetched dream anymore. It is doable by anyone through numerous ways. If you have a knack for writing or interacting with people and own a blog already, you can effortlessly convert this part-time hobby of yours into an income earning asset.

There are numerous ways to go about it. Some of the strategies are easy and passive while some will demand hours of your sweat and toil. Let’s have a look at ten easiest ones.

How to Make Money on your Website

  1. Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn easily and quickly, affiliate marketing is the spot on solution for you. For this, choose a product that you like yourself and would like to recommend to others as well. Now, utilize the platform of your website to promote the product and boost its sales. People will click on the link on your site if the product endorsed by you matches their needs. Whenever someone purchases the product through your affiliate link, you will get a split of the sale price. Sounds amazingly simple, doesn’t it? The best part is that the earnings are pretty high. The commission can be anywhere between 30% of the sale price to 70%.

If you like the idea and would like to try it out for your website, here are the websites where you can find the appropriate products for the same-


  • Commission Junction – This service ensures that you won’t get a hoard of customers posting angry comments on your blog. The products are good, and the delivery is reliable. This perk also means that you will receive timely payments.
  • ShareASale – If you own a lifestyle blog, this can be a great option as this platform offers clothes, accessories and other offline products
  • Clickbank – You need to scroll the website extensively to come across perfect products to promote. However, it is worth it at the end because the payouts are excellent.


  1. Google AdSense

Whenever you Google something up, you must have seen some ads on top of the search page. These are known as AdWords.

The opposite of AdWords is AdSense. Here, publishers can utilise the vast expanse of  Google to catch advertisers that can run their ads on the website. The main advantage of this service is its simplicity. It is effortless to use.

Here is how you can also become a part of this profitable venture. For this, you first need to sign up for the same on google. Once you are done, Google will post a simple code on your website based on the content and then start featuring relevant ads. E.g., if you own a fashion blog, the ads will be about clothing and accessories. You get paid every time someone clicks on that ad. It is that easy to earn money through this program. The amount you make through this depends on the traffic your site can attract in a month

There is only one thing to watch out for. Before applying for AdSense, do have a look at the Terms Conditions. Google is infamous for its hard conditions to get into AdSense and stay there.


  1. Selling Ad space

Didn’t make into AdSense or do not want to rely entirely on google? Well, you can also sell your ad space to companies directly. This method also gives you the freedom to come up with your desirable price for each area. Again, the amount you can earn on a monthly or yearly basis is directly proportional to the traffic that your site manages to attract. This interrelation is the good part too. If your site does get a lot of traffic, you can earn a tremendous amount of revenue through this alone. However, if your site is not that popular among the masses then making income this way can be a hard task.

There is another method that might save your drowning boat in this situation. Instead of letting the prices fluctuate by the traffic, you can also ix your direct cost based on what you think is appropriate and what the competitors are charging. This direct cost is a simple flat fee which you can receive at the beginning of every month, unlike AdSense.

If you want to sell Ad Space, you can take help of these platforms –


  • BuySellAds – This is the most popular option these days.
  • AdvertiseSpace – This is an excellent good alternative to the former.


  1. Sell your product

Till now we were discussing how you can earn money by promoting the products of others on your websites, why don’t you come up with a product of your own to boost your income? The major perk of this approach is the elimination of the middleman. No one is making a ‘cut’ on your sales, and absolutely all of it solely belongs to you.

At face value, this approach may seem pretty straightforward and easy because all you need to do is just come up with a product and promote it on your blog. However, the reality is far from imagination, and this isn’t as easy as it seems to.

To sell a product and earn revenue, you first need to come up with a good product. This idea itself involves a lot of ‘hidden’ costs concerning time put in and the money paid to collaborators. Moreover, you also need to keep tact of several other requirements like payment gateways, shipping and taxes. Furthermore, to notice a change in the sales you will also need a robust persuasive landing page for buyers to actually go for the product and thus improve your conversion rate.

These are the variety of ways by which you can quickly earn money through your hobby and thus have that extra cash at the end of every month to splurge on anything that you want to.


If you know of any other methods, do let us know in the comments box!