5 Google’s Tips on how to optimize Wi-Fi network in Home

Recently on its blog, Google has published few tips to increase the security, privacy and optimization of home WiFi network.

WiFi network is no longer an estrange to any home, it is well embraced and becomes a part of our life. Nowadays almost every house has Wi-Fi at home with a good range of the device to connect either to the internet or to each other.

With Smart home implementation, more and more devices are now dangling on the WLAN and the irony is that only a few users worry about its basic security. According to Google’s conducted research statistics, 81 Percent of all users already have faced problems with the WLAN whilst 28 Percent said they can’t live a single day without WiFi.

The five tips released on Google’s bog to make Wi-Fi better for stability and security, however, tips given by their experts are not new, if you and any other person have any technical knowledge, you already would have been familiar with them. Yet, reciting theses tips again is not a bad idea because these Wi-Fi network optimization suggestions are the core one, which everybody should follow. Let’s see what are those.

1. Place the router as centrally as possible

Google suggested the router should not be hidden at some corner of the house rather one has to place it somewhere in the centre location of the house so that everybody can use the wireless network efficiently from all-important rooms. Moreover, nowadays the routers are stylish and come without popping out antennas which doesn’t look absurd. So, it is easy for users to place such routers in their prominent place of house without marking any speck on your decoration. Also, the reason why this tip suggested because it does not make sense to put the router in the basement when the internet is mainly used in the living room.

Place the router as centrally as possible

2.  Try to have a mesh network

To increase the range of internet and interconnectivity of the Wi-Fi network in big mansions, one should implement a mesh network. It is a network of routers that communicate with each other and each form new nodes to distribute the signal as best as possible in all corners of the house or over long distances.

mesh network
image source- inet.com

3. Make sure Router’s firmware is up to date

It is very easy to hack some one’s important information if a person gets the full access to the implemented router. Yes, it is true vulnerabilities and threats also exist on the router.

Hence make sure the router which is present in your home should come with an option to update firmware and also the manufacturers take this into consideration. Furthermore, the updates for any router should be provided by its manufactures at free of charge throughout its life span. It is also important that the router has a supports to the modern 5 GHz network and the 802.11ac standard.

Make sure Router firmware is up to date

4. Secure the network with a password

Well, this is not a tip but a compulsion that everybody should follow. Every and each Wi-Fi network should definitely be protected with a good password without giving any excuse. And also makes sure that password should be complicated and long enough so that it couldn’t be guessed by anyone easily, at the same time also simple enough for the owner to remember.

Secure the network with a password

5. Create a guest network for visitors

Many time to our guest or neighbours, we share the password but this could have serious repercussions. Because you don’t know which of them disclose your Wi-Fi password to any strange person. Well, this would not happen, if you have enabled the Guest WiFi feature in your router. This also has the advantage that the many smart home devices remain private and the guests have no access to the lighting up to the security camera. This makes sure your security wouldn’t get compromised.

Create a guest network for visitors

See the official blog of Google