A Glimpse of Pixel 4 (XL) in a leaked video

Leaking of videos and images of Google Pixel smartphones is not a new thing. Same had happened with Pixel 3 and again before a month of Google Pixel 4 launch, some insights of its has already been online.

This time a Video has appeared that shows an unusually thick device. Yes, we can’t authenticate the video’s legitimacy but the video looks very original and the design of the phone is similar to the previously leaked photos and renders.

The video leaked on Slashleaks. The device, which can be seen in the video, it may be the Pixel 4 XL.

Again Google Pixel Thick Flagship smartphone

From the leaked video, if it is a real Pixel 4 then this is not what we have expected. First of all, it can be seen that the device has quite broad edges which stand nowhere as juxtapose to the current flagships and the one which Google determined to compete with i.e iPhone.


Google pixel is likely to pack with a big “battery” and a top full of sensors. Google has already commented on the sensors in advance and announced that it packs various components up, among other things, to enable a Face ID-like face recognition.

The second conspicuousness is that the device seems unusually thick. Although this could also be an optical illusion or maybe that means a thicker battery, at least long-lasting batteries are probably on the wish list of all smartphone buyers.