A smarter version of Minesweeper Delete puzzle game, has hit the markets

I bet all of you had played the classic Minesweeper game back when you were kids. We, there is good news for you. A better and smarter version of the same, Delete puzzle game on steam, has hit the markets. It is the perfect combination of frustration and challenge and will keep you hooked for long. If you are a busy person who is struggling to manage personal and professional lives, playing video games will be the last thought in your head. However, this game will provide you entertainment without taking hours and hours to finish.

smarter version of Minesweeper Delete puzzle game

Delete was launched back in January. Developed by Pony, it can be easily called the 3-D version of Minesweeper. The game is pretty similar. In Delete too, you click on random tiles and reveal how many of the adjacent ones are mines. The difference is that in Delete these tiles are arranged in 3-D rather than merely a flat grid. This is what makes this game exciting. There are also a couple of updates in this game. You not only have to indicate the tiles which aren’t mines but also the ones which are by right clicking on them. Unlike the earlier game, merely right-clicking on a tile which is a mine or which isn’t doesn’t end the game instantly. Instead, you get to enjoy three chances to give your best before the board resets again.

Another exciting feature is that the game has fifty puzzles. None of these puzzles is random. The developers have taken the trouble to design every one of them explicitly. This means that just when you feel that you are through with the game, a new element is thrown at you. For instance, instead of a number the indicating the same type of tiles adjacent to it, it reveals the ones with the mines in the row or column. The changes can even get more complicated and challenging. For instance, a button in the grid can change its shape and pose even more tiles for you to solve. This builds the game and enriches your experience. Minesweeper no longer remains confined to your instincts but takes on a different role altogether with Delete where it compels you to learn from the puzzles which you have previously solved.

Moreover, Delete never explicitly explains in detail what these new additions do. Instead, it gives you a brief explanation when they are introduced in the game and then builds on this understanding in its subsequent levels.

If you were too accustomed to the good old days of Minesweeper, Delete might have you craving for randomly generated puzzles at certain times. However, you will thank your stars when you are finally done with the game. An excellent puzzle game should not be too simple and a piece of cake neither should it be so frustrating that you leave it after just a few tries. Through its well-developed grids, Delete brings you the perfect level of challenge. At the same time, it also builds on your understanding to solve puzzles by enabling you to employ your instincts in a more effective way to solve puzzles and further expand your faculties by learning from the puzzles that you have solved before. This game will also not hog a lot of your free time as you can finish it within just a few hours over the weekend. This game is undoubtedly a treat and will surely fill you with nostalgia and marvel at the same time.