Astrum PAD CW300, a wireless charging solution launched at ₹ 3499

Astrum is an Indian IT peripherals manufacturer, has introduced a fast wireless charging solution called PAD CW300. The price of the Astrum PAD CW300 in India is set at ₹ 3,499.

It supports the Qi standards for fast and efficient charging. It also means that the PAD CW300 can connect and charge all the Qi-enabled smartphones and devices such as Apple and Samsung. As it supports the fast charging and for that, the output power it supplies is 15W.  It can manage the power output differently for Android and iOS devices; up to 15W power out for Android devices and 7.5W for iOS devices.

Astrum PAD CW300, a wireless charging solution

The design of the PAD CW300 wireless charger is in the round shape and looks stylish at least in the picture of the product released by the Astrum. The company also mentioned in the press release that the PAD CW300’s desktop stand is designed keeping in mind to provide the user with a better viewing angle for the screen.

Furthermore, the charger has an intelligent chip which according to the company monitors and adjust the charging temperature. The product also comes with a built-in overvoltage, short circuit and overheating protection for safe charging.

Pad CW300 True Wireless Charging solution available both online and offline, all across India.