Astrum Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank PB310 – 10000mAh launched

Astrum launched its first Qi Wireless Power Bank PB310 which has the capacity of 10000mAh. It is a wireless charger that supports Qi-enabled devices. This means if you have some wireless charging device such as iPhone then this Astrum Qi can charge efficiently up to 4 cm.

Besides the wireless charging feature the power bank also provides Wired charging option with 2A USB output.

As per the company, the Astrum PB310 has a non-silicone pad that not let the smartphone slide over the surface of the charger. It is a multi-charging power bank and can charge phones, pads or other small electronic devices simultaneously.

Astrum Qi power bank PB310 2

The output the power of the charger is 5W which as per the Astrum can charge the devices with up to 90 Percent efficiency rate.

PB310 comes with built-in smart chip, intelligent identification equipment, smart matching and automatic changing current Dual USB ports.  To avoid overcharging and short circuit, the Power bank has smart IC protection.

Fabricated with Li-Polymer Battery the 10000mAh Power Bank withstands 500 power cycles & can fully charge most smart phones upto 2-3 times. The power bank also supports Type C Charging.

In shades of black and available exclusively with Amazon at the price of Rs. 2199/-

Astrum Qi power bank PB310