BD Soft Akita, a smart Home IoT Security Device launched at Rs. 9,000/-

BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. (BD Soft) that deals in a security solution recently has launched an IoT security solution in India known as Akita. It is a security device that meant to protect other devices connected to the internet in homes. Akita also has a smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android.

It ia a DIY solution, that a user can implement by himself without the need of an expert. Akita smart home IOT devices security solution developed to protect the homes and its devices from the prying eyes of hackers along with other threats such as malware, botnet and crypto-jacking.

To find any intrusion as per the company it real time scans and blocks the threats immediately with a notification to the user.

Akita also has Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring and sends a weekly update on the security status of your network and issues to fix to keep your WiFi network secure.

BD Soft Akita, a smart Home IoT Security Device

Furthermore, the BD soft also mentioned in the press release that Akita uses military-grade security protection with behaviour analysis, machine learning and threat intelligence and immediately shuts it down, without slowing network.

The Akita is powered by the Akita Cloud platform to Detect international security threats in real-time, Monitor IOT behaviour (AI based) and use third party security intelligence sources.

The app allows you to manage all of your Akita devices and all of the Internet of Things devices that your Akita devices protect.

To use this device, the user has to connect it to LAN port of the router and it doesn’t access any personal user information, claimed by the company.

It is available on Amazon.