Microsoft Windows Terminal Preview v0.8 is now available to download

As Microsoft keeps focusing on open source stuff and among them, one is their new Windows Terminal.

Recently, the company has announced the new preview version that is 0.8.10091.0 with new improvements, optimizations, options and bug fixes including retro optics. Means, now we can display terminal in CRT mode just like old CRT monitors to feel nostalgic while working. However, this feature is still an experiment and may or may not be available in the final Windows Terminal version i.e 1.0.

In addition to the retro look, which can be enabled with “experimental.retroTerminalEffect”: true, the most important changes in the new preview include the new Connection State Manager.

Users can now also use a standard profile that can be used on all windows. If you use several profiles, you can use a basic setting.

The new version also has a new standard tab size that makes all tabs the same size. Previously, the tabs were as big as the title of the tabs required.

If you yet haven’t used this new Terminal then you should especially because of its tabbed interface from where we can access PowerShell, CMD and other WSL command terminal without leaving it.

Microsoft Windows Terminal Preview v0.8 download

In addition to these optimizations, there are also a number of bug fixes such as

  • Tab line now gets bigger when the window gets bigger
  • The full-screen mode now works more reliably
  • Moving the focus between the grouped windows should now behave as expected
  • Punctuation (and other things) entered through non-keyboard input methods will no longer repeat hundreds of times
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) users now see the WT_SESSION environment variable
  • The cursor will appear immediately when you focus the terminal

The new update 0.8.10091.0 of Windows Terminal is available for all Windows 10 users via Microsoft Store or GitHub. Even Windows 7 can use it. Here is the link to download it. You can also see the project on GitHub.

Chocolatey Choco command to install Windows Terminal

Furthermore, if you have already installed chocolatey Choco on your Windows 10 or 7, then installing of new Microsoft Windows Terminal will be super easy just use the given command:

First, open Command prompt under admin rights and type the following.

To install

choco install microsoft-windows-terminal

Chocolatey Choco command to install Windows Terminal

For upgrading Windows Terminal

choco upgrade microsoft-windows-terminal

In case you want to uninstall the same

choco uninstall microsoft-windows-terminal

The new Windows Terminal tool from Microsoft is primarily for developers, but of course, also the Windows users who like to use the command line with a touch of the modern interface they can try this beta version.