Cloudsfer lunched their new product: OPA (On Premise Agent)

Cloudsfer today announced their new product: OPA (On-Premise Agent). The OPA enables data migration from Windows on-premise systems to any cloud storage provider. Cloudsfer, created and powered by Tzunami Inc. – A leading provider and a pioneer in the data & content migration solutions.

Tzunami Inc. has more than 20 years of experience with content migrations. Their clients include top Fortune 500 companies from a wide variety of industries (Aviation, Consumer Discretionary, Financial, Government, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and more).

This extended experience, many offered features and dedicated team provide the customers with an optimized solution for smooth content migration.

For the first time, Cloudsfer is offering migration from your File System and from various ECM systems (Confluence ,eRoom, Documentum, LiveLink, DocuShare, eDocs, HP trim, Lotus Notes and many more systems) to more than 20 cloud storage providers (Google Drive, Amazon S3, Bim360, Egnyte, Yandex Disk, Box, Backblaze B2, JungleDisk and many more systems).

Cloudsfer has raised the cloud data migration product bar to a whole new level, providing a product that not only simplifies the migration process but provides a secure way of uploading data into the cloud.

Cloudsfer new product OPA (On Premise Agent) Cloudsfer lunched their new product OPA (On Premise Agent)

Key benefits of using Cloudsfer to migrate content from On-Prem to cloud:

  • Migrate all file types
  • Multi-User Migration
  • Keep the hierarchy structure
  • Complete Scalability
  • Maintain Metadata
  • Apply filters by file size, creation and modification dates
  • Apply Advanced Options and Delta migrations
  • Your data is fully secured across the migration process. All communications between the systems are SSL encrypted
  • 24/7 Support
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Cloudsfer does the process of data transfer automatically, using a cloud hosted environment.
  • Get a complete migration report
  • Multiple Systems in one UI: Use a common, easy-to-use migration process for more than 20 cloud systems (e.g. moving from on-premise to Amazon Cloud Drive, Alibaba Cloud OSS, Yandex Disk, BIM 360, OneDrive, WebDAV, Mega and more
  • Multiple sources on-premise systems: Confluence, eRoom, Documentum, LiveLink, DocuShare, eDocs, HP trim, Lotus Notes and many more systems