Crysis Remastered Launch Date Delayed but not for Nintendo Switch

Crysis is an all-time sensation among all the gamers. While it launched back in 2007, it not only defined a new era of gaming but also how much real physics one game can have and how intense a game’s graphics can be. Even after more than a decade of the launch of Crysis 1, if a computer is able to play it in ultra graphics with 60FPS it would consider as the biggest benchmark of that computer’s performance. For example, AMD boasted that their Ryzen Threadreaper CPUs can pull off the Ultra settings 60 FPS gameplay of Crysis even without any dedicated GPU installed. On the other hand, Crysis 1 defined gameplay at its best and there have been very few games to date which can match the overall graphics, physics, gameplay, story, and intensity ratio of Crysis 1 which was set in 2007.

Why Crysis is so Popular?

The Crysis franchises took the developers CRYTEK to another level of success. Also, CRYTEK developed an engine called CryEngine, which proved to be one of the most successful and high-end game development engines of all. There are many games in the market that have been designed on the same, like Homefront: Revolution, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Ryse: Son of Rome, Prey, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, 3, etc. The sequels under the Crysis franchises (Crysis Warhead, Crysis 2, Crysis 3) were also hugely successful. So, there is no doubt when the fans come to know about the remake and revival of the most loved franchise, they became excited about this. Crysis has a lot of fans around the world, and the fan base is not limited to any type of gamers. Also, Crysis 1 was a huge success and a game-changer as a multiplayer game, as there have been many esports level tournaments held on the Crysis Multiplayer platform back in 2007-2008, among one of which (organized by Fixture in India) even I have participated back then.

As the developer revealed about the project of Crysis being Remastered fans are waiting eagerly. The announcement trailer launch date has been confirmed by the devs couple of weeks ago which was on 1st July 2020, but just a couple of hours before the stipulated time (9 AM PST) they pushed the timeline for an unknown time limit.

According to official reports the stipulated launch date of the game itself also been pushed back. Which lead the fans to grief and started new arguments on various threads about the progress and expectation from the Crysis Remastered project.

However, the good news is for Switch it will be released on July 23rd.

Why Crysis Remastered Launch is delayed?

Just before a couple of hours of the launch of Crysis Remastered trailer, the devs post this on their official tweeter handle:

Now there are actually a couple of reasons due to which the game may have been delayed:

  • First thing you can expect that the game would release by the end of this year, as per the first line of the official tweet itself.
  • Due to high expectations, the devs are again making the game’s graphics so extreme that you may need to break your PC for that.
  • One reason can be that due to COVID-19 pandemic the operational support of the Crysis Multiplayer won’t be that possible this time.
  • Also on the other hand due to COVID, the productivity of the developers may have hampered, which lead to the non-complement of the project within time.
  • But, I think the devs are polishing the game even more as they stated in a tweet, which can be implied in a way, that the devs are making the game next-gen console ready. As we know the next-gen consoles are about to be released on Christmas, 2020; that would be a good time to release the anticipated classic for creating a bigger hype.

What to expect from Crysis Remastered?

Crysis was not just a successful game but it was actually legend among the video game titles, so even at this time Crysis is not going to disappoint anyone. If the project and the visions were not worthy enough, the devs would not have been working on a 13-year-old game’s revival. So, you can expect an even better-remastered version than Halo Anniversary was.

Also, Crysis is going to be available for all the platforms, including Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch. So, you can expect that on PC the game is going to need a pretty serious amount of hardware juice.

I am expecting that the developers are working on the remastered in a way so that it be optimized for the present gen consoles, and also it is most extreme for the next-gen consoles. Furthermore, many players would try the game at 4K 60FPS, so the devs need to put serious effort into the compatibility & performance ratio.

Speculations over Crysis Remastered

Due to the delay, many of speculations related to Crysis remastered contents got revived again. According to many experts and many discussion threads on Reddit, Crysis Remastered is going to feature more content than the original version used to have.

Now, what can be the contents, here comes a different type of opinions. As the devs already said that they are working on a storefront, so we can speculate that Crysis is going to feature a micro-transaction enabled in-game Store this time, like many other games.

Also, many players are speculating that the Crysis Multiplayer can reach a new level, with new kinds of modes, matches, and maps. You can even find fan-made speculations about Crysis Battle Royal mode along with the release of Crysis Remastered, but I do not personally think such a project is under development.

Wrapping Up

The expectations are very high from the Crysis Remastered project, also the hype is at the highest point as it can be. So, there is no chance of being unsuccessful anyhow financially.

Though there is a huge chance of getting criticized, Crysis is a legendary game of its time. People are expecting various graphical features along with a huge physics upgradations within the gameplay. Most of the people are waiting for some new content, so there is a huge chance of being criticized if the devs fail to provide such. Also, there are many players like me who are eagerly waiting to jump within the Crysis Multiplayer mode, as the gameplay experience of Crysis Multiplayer was awesome. As we know that this is the era of multiplayer and PvP gaming, so the multiplayer contents are ought to be up to the mark if Crysis Remastered wants to do a long term business again.