During COVID-19, Onsitego initiates a fund support service for partners & employees

Since COVID-19 workers and company partners are compelled to stay at home which hurting them financially, thus Onsitego, an After-sales services company has announced a financial helping hand to its employee and service partners. This fund has been raised to assist employees or service centre staff affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and require funds to treat themselves they can make use of the ‘No Questions Asked’ Onsitego Cares Fund.
During COVID-19, Onsitego initiates a fund support service

Any service partners can take a fund of up to 12 lakhs that will be interest-free and can be repaid anytime. Service centre staff can write to the email ID provided to them mentioning the name and reason why they would like to use the fund. Onsitego will then process the payment within 24 hours without asking any questions.

Whereas for employees the amount to be given is 10 lakhs, however, those are earning less than 40,000 are entitled to an amount of up to 7 days of pay.

Onsitego highlights that this is not an advance against salary and that employees who use this fund will not have to repay later.

The Onsitego Cares Fund will be available to employees and service partners across the country till the lockdown is discontinued by the Government.