All that you should know before thinking to become a Web developer

All of us know that technology has brought a drastic revolution in each and possible way you can think. Rather it would not be wrong to admit that almost each and everything in our good blue planet Earth is either directly or indirectly influenced by it. So, it has also paved the way for a plethora of job opportunities for all the people who dare to dream big and also have what it takes to shine high and high. So, today in this very article, I am going to discuss almost each and everything related with the job profile namely- Web Developer, I know that this name is not at all alien to you and most of you might have the dream to become one and some might also be working hard to become it. Therefore, without any further delay, let me share everything with you.

Educational Requirements to Become a Web developer

You must possess a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or you must be B-Tech or BE in Computer Science and Engineering. If you do not possess the above-mentioned degrees then you can also join this profession, all you need to have is a graduation degree with a valid computer certification and practical experience of computer along with a very good and sound command in Programming languages, database management, and web design.

All that you should know before thinking to become a web developer


A Web developer is the one who has many big and crucial responsibilities to handle, you will be responsible for the coding, designing and making the layout of a website as per the guidelines given to you by the company, so as of now you might have understood that a high level of both graphic designing and computer programming is very essential for you to master in order to excel in this field.

And yes, once a website is created by you and team, you will play a major role in helping and assisting the maintenance team constantly to get the website going without any issues. You must be experienced enough in planning and delivering web applications across various platforms, so you indeed play a very crucial and vital role in the upliftment of your organisation while being in this profession.

Skill Sets

Now, as we have learnt about the basic meaning of this profession as well as the minimum educational requirements required by you to enter it, so now let us have a brief look at the skills that must be possessed by you to enjoy as well as fly higher and higher like a bird in this field. First of all, let me brief about some of the technical skills that you must have:

  • A very good command of HTML/XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • A good hold of server architecture.
  • You may also possess good knowledge of Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, ASP.NET, ASP, etc.
  • Good experience in SQL, Oracle, and other database systems.

You must have a very good and in-depth knowledge of all the above-mentioned skills, just remember that without all these, you will not be able to excel as well as rise higher in this field. So, make sure that you are fluent and have a good experience in it and if you do not have knowledge in any of the above-mentioned skill sets but want to make a career in this field, then it is the time you start your studies with full mind and concentration.

Now, apart from these technical skills, you must also possess some of the other skill sets which are equally important for the upliftment of your organisation as well as you, let me highlight those skill sets as well:

  • You must have a very good understanding and knowledge of search engine optimization.
  • You should be an excellent coder and you must have in-depth knowledge of multiple coding languages.
  • You must be able to multitask like a OnePlus flagship model as well as you must complete all your deadlines in time.
  • You should possess great communication skills and always try to come up with new and creative ideas.
  • You must be a brilliant team player as well as ready to always motivate your team so that you can always perform the magic along with your pals.

So, these are some of the other skill-sets that are required from you and believe me in order to rise high and high as compared to other web developers you should have all these skills and qualities, and if you have all these qualities, then just mark my words, no one can stop you from reaching the topmost peak with the help of your hard work, determination and a wild dream.


You will be performing major tasks so that your firm always remains high in the sky, and when your firm is high in the sky so are you, so just pull up your socks and get ready to work harder than ever before, you will be performing the following duties:

  • You will have to write productive and desired codes as per the commands of your organisation.
  • You will have to create websites with the help of CSS/HTML.
  • You will be frequently assisted and cooperated by the budding web designers of your firm and also the rocking coders of your firm in your quest for designing the dream websites for your organisation.
  • You will have to continuously communicate with almost all the members and teammates who will be working hard with you to convert dreams into realities, as together all of you would be responsible for creating, updating and maintaining your website.
  • You should also keep on researching different kinds of software programmes and maintain perfect software documentation.
  • You must have a very good strategy in case your website fails or goes down.
  • After you have designed the dream website, it is your responsibility to further enhance it as per the directions of the organisation and you must also come up with new and creative ideas from your side as well to keep it flying high in the sky and make it the apex predator of the sky.
  • And yes, one of the most important roles that you will be playing is managing and supporting your team always in every possible way.

Future Scope:

This industry has a very bright scope, and it is growing further at a very rapid rate, and when we talk about India, it is only expected to grow very rapidly and in the coming future, there will be many opportunities for all the budding professionals like you. And yes, you might be thinking that how can I say all this when there is a lot of unemployment today. Well, let me explain, the main problem today is that there are a lot of vacancies to be filled but it remains unfilled due to the fact that it is still in search of the right talent. So, instead of going through all these rumours, I would strongly request you to continue learning and preparing very hard day and night for your dream, and believe me if you do the same with full focus, then you will definitely make a very bright career and a name in this very profession and also enjoy each and every moment of yours here.


Thus, it was all for this article, I have tried to cover almost all the essential details in it. So, I hope after going through it, you will be very clear about all the things and I also hope that many of your doubts would have been cleared. Therefore, I would just wish you very best for your future, just remember anything you want to accomplish or become, all lies in your both hands, with help of those hands and backed by your hard work, dedication, and smart work, you can achieve anything in this world.

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