EKWB released dedicated water cooling head for MSI motherboard

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Recently, the famous water-cooling manufacturer EK Water Blocks released a special water-cooled head “EK-FB MSI X470 M7 RGB” for the MSI X470 Gaming M7 motherboard.

The biggest feature is that it comes with RGB LED light strips. It is connected to the motherboard by a common 4-pin. It can also be connected to any other 4-pin LED controller. The RGB LED light strips is also compatible with MSI Mystic Light Sync and can be customized.

EK-FB MSI X470 M7 RGB for the MSI X470 Gaming M7 motherboard

Of course, this water-cooled head only supports the MSI X470 Gaming M7 motherboard, which is also exclusive to AMD. For this reason, EKWB has cooperated with MSI to design the EK-Supremacy EVO cooling engine. After installation, the water-cooled head cools down all major heat sources around the CPU, such as MOSFETs.

The water-cooled head is made of nickel-plated electrolytic copper and the top is made of acrylic glass. Nickel-plated brass screw-in brackets are pre-assembled for easy installation.

However, the official does not mention the cooling efficiency, the suggested retail price is 119.95 euros.


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