Firefox Picture-in-picture video mode is now available for Mac and Linux

Recently, release Mozilla Firefox updated version i.e 72.0 brings some new enhancement and changes along with.

The first one is the Enhance Tracking Protection, with it Firefox now by default blocks fingerprinting script for all users, thus it will restrict extensively all websites from tracking user browser identification and other online activities; along with it there are numerous other security fixes also have been done.

The second major update is related to pop-up notifications. To enhance the user experience and make it more work-focused, the developer has changed the way of getting it. Now, instead of getting pop-up, the users will get a speech bubble that will appear in the address bar when you interact with the site. Clicking on it then brings up the previously known window with the request.

The other major change in Mozilla Firefox 72.0 is picture-in-picture mode. So far, only Windows users have enjoyed the Picture-in-Picture mode, with Firefox 72 it is finally also available to Linux and macOS users.

How to Activate or Disable Firefox Picture-in-Picture Mode in Linux or macOS

  • First of all open Mozilla Firefox browser on Linux or macOS and update it to latest 72.0 version.
  • Restart it to reflect the changes.
  • Now, click on the burger icon given on the top right side of Firefox.
  • A pop-up menu will open, select the “Options“.
  • Now, in the General menu, scroll down to BRwoser section and select “Enable picture-in-picture video controls” to enable it and unselect to disable on Firefox.Firefox Enable picture-in-picture video controls

How to use Firefox picture-in-picture mode

If the user moves the mouse pointer onto a video, a blue icon will display near the edge of the video screen “Picture-in-picture“. The moment, we click on it a floating window will open that can be viewed independently of the tab that is currently open. Know about it more on the official website.

Mozilla FireFox Picture in Picture mode Linux and macOS

Firefox Picture in picture mode