Fujifilm launches Square Style instax SQUARE SQ6 in India

Today on 27th June, the Fujifilm India has announced the launch of their instant camera “instax SQUARE SQ6’” which is analog in nature. This is a new addition to Fujifilm existing instant camera lineup with enhanced features.

The instax SQUARE SQ features an exposure adjustment which automatically gets activated when the user presses the shutter button. Also, this nostalgic feel giving camera can detect the ambient brightness and adjusts to provide the optimum shutter speed and flash light intensity.

In the era of the selfie, how can be the camera lovers can refrain themselves from being a part of it? And, the same here, for selfies lovers the instax SQUARE SQ6 comes with a selfie mode. Also, the camera can also adjust brightness and focal length automatically for capturing good selfie images. The self-shot mirror attached to the side of the lens allows user to check the shooting range.

Square Style instax SQUARE SQ6 in India

To hold the camera on the tripod, the company has given a screw hole at the bottom of the device that can be useful for taking group photos.

instax square film

In addition, the instax SQUARE SQ has three picture modes to add some styles and drama to the picture. The modes are:

Double Exposure Mode:  In this picture mode, when the user hit shutter button twice two photos can be overlapped on a single film…

Macro Mode: For short-range photos up to a minimum of 30cm.

Landscape Mode: As its name suggests it meant to capture long-range landscape photos. It also includes three flash color filters (orange/purple/green) that once placed over the flash will change the color of the overall photo, allowing the user to achieve a more unique and textured photo.

The instax SQUARE SQ available in three color pearl white,  blush gold and graphite gray.

Key specifications:  “instax SQUARE SQ6”

Film Fujifilm Instant Film “instax SQUARE Film (available separately)
Lens Retractable lens, 2 components, 2 elements, f = 65.75 mm, 1:12.6
Viewfinder Inverted Galilean finder, 0.4 x, with target spot
Focusing Motor-driven 3-range switching (0.3 m – 0.5 m/1 ft. – 1.6 ft., 0.5 m – 2 m/1.6 ft – 6.6 ft.,
2 m/6.6 ft. and beyond), Macro Mode (0.3 m – 0.5 m/1 ft. – 1.6 ft.) Normal Mode (0.5m – 2 m/1.6 ft – 6.6 ft.) Landscape Mode (2 m/6.6 ft and beyond)
Shutter Release Programmed electronic shutter release, 1.6 sec – 1/400 sec.
Exposure Control Automatic, Interlocking range (ISO 800) : LV 5 – LV 15.5,
Exposure compensation: ±2/3 EV
Film Feeding Out Automatic
Film Developing Time Approximately 90 seconds (Varies depending on the ambient temperature)
Flash In Macro mode: Built-in, automatic electronic flash
In a mode other than Macro mode: Always flashing
Charging time: 0.2 sec – 7 sec (using a new battery), Flash charging indicator,
Effective flash lamp range: 0.3 m – 2.7 m/1 ft. – 8.9 ft.
Self-Timer Electronically controlled, approx. 10 second delay, Can be stopped mid-run
LED Display Shooting mode (Auto, Selfie, Macro, Landscape, Double exposure), Brightness adjustment, Flash suppressing, Self timer Mode
Power Supply Two CR2/DL CR2 lithium batteries
Capacity: Approximately 30 instax SQUARE 10-pack film packs with new CR2/DL CR2 lithium batteries
Others Film pack confirmation window, tripod socket (tripod sold separately)
Dimensions & Weight 118.7 mm x 128.1 mm x 58.1 mm/4.7 in. x 5.0 in. x 2.3 in. (not including protrusions)/393 g/13.9 oz. (without battery, strap, and film pack)
Accessories Two CR2/DL CR2 lithium batteries, Shoulder strap, Three flash filters


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