How to install Virtualbox Software on Ubuntu 24.04 for VMs

Installing VirtualBox app on Ubuntu 24.04

Well, VirtualBox doesn’t need any introduction, it is one of the oldest virtualization solutions in the open-source category for easily creating virtual machines using a graphical interface. Being a cross-platform Type-2 Virtualization software, we can easily install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 24.04 Noble LTS desktop or …

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How to Install KVM QEMU on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Server Linux

Install KVM QEMU on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Noble Linux

Generally, when it comes to using virtualization for running various operating systems on a Desktop or PC, we either use Vmware or VirtualBox, however, they are both Type 2 virtualization software. Therefore, would not be able to deliver the performance in comparison to Type 1. …

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How to Install Cockpit-Podman on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Server

Create a Container using Cockpit podman on Ubuntu 24.04

Using containers using the command line on Ubuntu 24.04 can be a little bit difficult, especially for beginners, therefore, to make things easy we can install Cockpit and Cockpit-podman module on the Ubuntu 24.04 Server. What is Cockpit and Cockpit-Podman? The cockpit provides a graphical …

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Upgrade Ubuntu 22.04 to Ubuntu 24.04 Noble LTS

Upgrading Ubuntu 22.03 to 24.03 LTS

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Noble is the latest long-term supported version from the Canonical team to offer stability, security, and new features. If you are planning to fully upgrade Ubuntu 22.04 to 24.04 Noble then we can use both GUI and CLI, here we will go …

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