GajShield introduced Contextual Intelligence Engine armed GajOS- Bulwark 4.0 

Gajshield Infotech, a provider of cloud, data and network security solutions a few days ago has announced GAJ OS Bulwark 4.0, a network security solution. The Bulwark 4.0 program has integrated with contextual intelligence which makes this security solution more smarter than any current firewall, stated by the Gajshield.

According to the company, the Bulwark latest version 4.0 is more powerful which designed by keeping in mind to add more higher visibility, thorough inspection and better soundness. To provide better security, this time developers have implemented a contextual intelligence engine that helps to get a complete view of Network traffic; to give a better understanding of useful insight and identify data anomalies to protect from zero-day threats.

Furthermore, the firewall also offers other security features such as anti-malware and spam-filtering. It now has overhauled UI and capability to filter sensitive content and information from all outgoing traffic, either through email, file sharing services such as Dropbox and WeTransfer, or social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

In addition to above, the company added, “Easing Firewall Management, the Gajsheild Bulwark 4.0 brings an improved user interface that allows easy implementation of policies and uniform search options for advanced search results. Additionally, it notifies you all the time right on your dashboard Top Attacks with its real-time resource information and important threat summary”.


Gajshield GajOS- Bulwark 4.0 

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