Adata announced HD710 Pro water resistant external hard drive in India

ADATA Technology which is a vendor of DRAM modules and USB Flash drives has recently introduced the HD710 Pro external USB hard drive to the Indian market. Despite the market has an influx of external USB storage devices, the ADATA claims that the HD170 has few extra features to secure data loss from physical mishaps as juxtaposing to standard USB HDDs and that makes it unique.

They said, their external hard drive is not only a portable drive like others but also can resist the damaged if users dropped it, mistakenly.

The Adata HD710 pro external hard drive comes with a protective layer to absorb shocks; the layer itself composed of three primary layers of tough silicone coating. That makes the hard drive shock absorbing plus it has a plastic shell that makes it more tenable against shocks that could damage internal parts of the drive or liable to loss of data, said by the ADATA.

Furthermore, to save the hard drive data lost from any kind of water contact, the company made it water resistant and dust-proof.

The Adata HD 710 pro has a convenient storage feature for the detachable USB cable. This can prevent the cable from getting misplaced or cluttered. So no more loss of data or damaged hard drive.



Adata HD 710 pro water resistant hard driveAdata HD 710 pro in India